Rumor: Drew Goddard to Write & Direct ‘The Spectacular Spider-Man’ for Marvel & Sony

It seemed inevitable, but it was a little of a surprise when the news dropped of Marvel and Sony coming to a deal where Spider-Man can be brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We all thought it would happen at some point and even though The Amazing Spider-Man 2 didn’t do what we hoped, we thought Sony would give it one more shot, but that’s not the case and we sure are glad it’s not.

When the news was announced, it was said Spidey would show up in a Marvel movie before his own new movie set for 2017. Now that seemed like a quick turnaround for a movie that doesn’t have a director and star yet, until now that is. A new report is reporting who the new writer and director for the new Spider-Man movie will be, along with some good juicy details on the new Spider-Man, his story, and how he will be brought into the MCU.

Latino Review is reporting that Drew Goddard has been chosen to be write and direct the new Spider-Man movie, which is set for 2017. Goddard is best known for co-writing The Cabin in the Woods, but was attached to Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series before leaving that project to become the guy for Sony’s Sinister Six movie. That spin-off was going to happen from The Amazing Spider-Man universe, but now that that universe is dead, so is the Sinister Six, for now.

Drew Goddard

According to LR, the new Spidey movie is currently being called The Spectacular Spider-Man, to differentiate itself from the two previous trilogies. LR is also saying that The Spectacular Spider-Man will share some things that Goddard had already been working on for Sinister Six. Here’s some details on coming from Latino Review:

“No new origin story, Spidey exists from the beginning, taken as a given.”

“New actor, probably an unknown, he will be specifically based in High School and they want him to be able to grow up into the role.  The thought being if this works, Spidey can do multiple trilogies for years ala Harry Potter.”

“The first film will involved the Sinister Six coming together with the thought to later maybe spin them off.”

First, no new origin is freaking fantastic. We have seen two Spidey trilogies already, everyone knows the story of how Peter Parker became Spider-Man. Plus it’s much more interesting to jump into Parker already being Spider-Man for a few years.

Next, getting a young (High School) and unknown actor makes a lot of sense. Getting someone younger means you can lock him up for six, seven, ten movies and have Spider-Man be a relevant franchise and part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe for decades to come (if done right).

Lastly, the villain aspect being the Sinister Six is an element from Goddard (obviously), but also a very smart move. The first movie out will up the ante and separate itself from past Spidey movies, but also set up multiple villains for not just Spidey to face, but for any MCU character to face somewhere down the road. The ability to now cycle heroes and villains between the new Spider-Man movies and the MCU movies is huge it can change the game.

Something that can not beloved over, coming from LR, is mention of a big part that will happen in The Spectacular Spider-Man. Check this out:

“A major part of the first film will involve Spider- Man fighting Iron Man and then trying to pass the “audition” to join the Avengers.”

Spider-Man & Iron Man

How freaking awesome, right? It’s unclear what ‘fighting’ really means, an actual fight or play fighting? Either way, it sounds like Goddard is going a Civil War route and using what he has access to. Sounds pretty legit, huh? Bringing on Goddard is completely logical. He’s someone both Marvel and Sony like and someone who will put something on screen for the fans. He’s already been working in the world of Spidey for a few months now so he’s almost perfect to write and direct the MCU version of Spider-Man.

But with all this begs the question, if Spider-Man will be ‘auditioning’ for the Avengers in his solo movie, how relevant will he actually be come 2016 for Captain America: Civil War? Is that ‘appearance in a Marvel movie’ pointing more towards a post-credit scene for Avengers: Age of Ultron? Whatever it is and if (when) this all ends up being official, it sounds like this deal between Marvel and Sony has gotten off on one damn good foot. There’s still many things to be answered about the new Spider-Man movie and where and how Spider-Man will be introduced into the MCU, but one thing is for sure, Drew Goddard is Marvel and Sony’s guy and he has those answers.

The Spectacular Spider-Man has a July 28th, 2017 release date, directed by Drew Goddard.

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