A New 'Alien' Movie Is on the Way with Neill Blomkamp Directing

While Neill Blomkamp’s next movie Chappie is coming within weeks, he’s been under the spotlight for other reasons, big reasons. Just months back saw Blomkamp unveil some unofficial concept art for an Alien movie, which was ultimately just a nice little trip into the universe created by Ridley Scott.

But apparently, there was more to that than we realized. Since that concept art hit the public, Blomkamp has openly discussed the idea, and his personal desire, to make Alien 5 one of his next projects. On top of that, Ellen Ripley herself Sigourney Weaver said she’d be in if the project was ever green lit. Well guess what fans, that day looks like it has arrived!

Even though Chappie hasn’t hit screens yet, Blomkamp took to his Instagram announce that he will be directing the next Alien, with it soon afterwards being confirmed that Fox and Blomkamp have come to a deal for him to helm the next entry in the franchise.

Since the new Alien is still very early in the developmental stage (or so it seems), it’s pretty hard to say and/or guess what the plot will be. But since Weaver has said she would be down and with her going on record saying that she thinks there is still more story to tell and that longtime fans of the franchise would want to see Ellen Ripley’s arc completed in a new movie (following Alien: Resurrection), it seems like the plot could be worked around the character and her arc.

While Blomkamp is most likely the only one who really knows where this new installment will go, don’t be surprised if story details and other news on Alien 5 come shortly. Usually you would see an announcement like this after a current project is released (Chappie), not weeks prior. It would seem that after the positive feedback towards the concept art, Weaver’s comments, and this announcement, Fox might have this project on a fast track.

Sigourney Weaver in 'Aliens'Now the question becomes, will this new Alien have any kind of connection to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus movies (Prometheus 2 supposedly set for 2016). It’s been speculated that the two franchises have some kind of connection and now that movies for both are coming, there’s a pretty good chance they could co-exist for another shared movie universe.

While the announcement doesn’t come with an official release date, the announcement of another Alien entry is bulking the list of classic movie franchises that are being reintroduced to todays movie-goers. Will it work? 2015 will definitely be an indicator of whether or not it will, with Mad MaxJurassic WorldTerminator, and Star Wars all coming back to the big screen. I hope they crush because I would love to see a franchise like Alien come back. And even though I haven’t liked the work of Blomkamp yet, I tip my cap to his creativity. Something that could fit well with this new movie, something that can hopefully bring us an awesome new Alien.

Do you like the idea of another Alien? What about Neill Blomkamp in the director’s chair? Would you want to see Sigourney Weaver return as Ellen Ripley?

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