‘Boyhood’ Review (Best Picture Nominee)

Score: out of 10.

It’s not every day that you watch a movie that was purposely filmed over the span of twelve-years. Boyhood is the first of it’s kind in doing so and I’m pleased to say that all of the hype around this movie is rightfully earned. I put aside watching it for a long while since I had heard that it was a long dragged out movie. After watching the movie I can’t disagree more. Boyhood is an absolute masterpiece of film-making and is one of the best movies I’ve seen since I’ve began critiquing films.

The twelve-year filming process alone is an accomplishment that we haven’t seen and adding to that, it was a great movie that is now nominated for best-picture and is one of the front-runners along with Birdman. I’m not sure which I find to be the better movie but I’m just glad I got too see such great films in my lifetime. I still think Selma was the best movie of 2014 from the best-picture nominees but those two are a close second and third.

Boyhood is great for several reasons but mostly due to the direction and ability for Richard Linklater to capture life in a two-hour movie. He literally did that by tracking a five-year-old boy from childhood all the way to his adulthood while building a cinematic narrative around it. Secondly,  it is great due to a few performances in the movie. The two standout performances were those of Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette, who are both nominated for best-supporting roles at the Oscars this year.

If I were to point out a flaw in the film I could see some people saying that it is too long and drags out a little bit at times but it really depends on the person as to whether or not this would bother you. For me, I didn’t mind at all as I enjoyed every second of the movie because I knew I was watching a masterpiece. Other than the slow-pace I honestly don’t see anything wrong with this movie. It is truly a beautiful piece of art and proves that you can take risks in film and succeed. Hopefully Boyhood opens the door for more film-makers to come up with original ideas and push the boundaries of film-making. If nothing else, Boyhood accomplished that and I will never forget how much it effected me as a film fan and as a human being.

If you’ve seen Boyhood let me know what your thoughts are. If not, I definitely recommend checking it out and just be patient with it. It is truly a great once-in-a-lifetime cinematic experience.

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