Poll: Now That Spidey is Officially Coming to the MCU, Who's the Next Web-Head?

Late last night saw the HUGE announcement that Marvel Studios will be producing the next Spider-Man movie, officially bringing Spidey to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Although many have been suspecting it for some time, it was a bit of a shock and surprise that it came last night, and so late. But do we really care? Spidey is coming home where he belongs!

Along with that news, it was also reported by multiple sites that Andrew Garfield, who’s been the web-slinger for The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, will no longer continue his run in the suit and that Marvel will recast. So it begins, he will be Marvel’s Spider-Man?

When we all got a look at the official press release from the announcement, there was no mention of Andrew Garfield and it said “the new Spider-Man.” At first, we had all thought they were just focusing on the deal and that there was still a chance that Garfield could return. But following the announcement, multiple tweets were posted from members of the Wall Street Journal and other sources saying that Garfield is in fact out as the web-head.

Image of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

While I am personally kind of bummed because I thought Garfield was a fantastic Spidey, it comes to no surprise and makes sense. Now that the deal struck will bring Spidey into the MCU – Disney, Kevin Feige, and team will want to create THEIR Spider-Man and wash away any connective tissue towards Sony’s two Spider-Man franchises. And that begins with recasting the character.

Back in December, when the Sony hack was at its peak, a rumor was floating around that Marvel already had a list of actors who they had in mind to play their version of Spider-Man. Along with it, was some small tidbits about the deal between Marvel and Sony and how Marvel’s take on Spidey would differ from past versions. You can read that post HERE.

Who knows, Spidey may have already been casted in some deal that will keep him in the MCU for a long time. But that’s no fun for us, is it? So going with some of the names thrown around more than not from that rumored list, and a few throw-ins of my own, who could be the next Spider-Man for the MCU?

If you want to read more on this gigantic story (I know I do), head over to /Film and check out these great articles they have on the deal made (HERE) and how Spider-Man will fit into the MCU (HERE).

Marvel and Sony’s Spider-Man has been given a July 28, 2017 release date.

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