Thoughts on Furious 7 – Trailer #2


The marketing for Furious 7 offers plenty of reasons for you to look forward to the movie, especially if you’re a fan of the franchise. The latest installment has found by far its most intimidating and perhaps its best villain yet in Jason Statham. Some of the cast members from previous Fast and Furious movies are expected to join this already large cast, including Lucas Black (Tokyo Drift). Then of course there’s the onscreen farewell to the Brian O’Connor character, played by the late Paul Walker.

I just watched the latest trailer (#2) and this movie certainly looks to be less fast and more furious. The one thing this franchise has been successful in doing is making the unrealistic seem… not so unrealistic. Things like import cars taking down a cargo plane, or muscle cars vs. an armored tank never bothered me because I was having too much fun. However, after watching this latest trailer I must say that I’m a bit concerned. It feels like there is too much over-the-top stunts going on, even for a Fast and Furious film.

Still this movie looks packed with so much action, which is what you ask for with a movie like this. The franchise is just on a hot streak right now. I love how the movies shifted gears (pun) and became more of a heist type of movie(s), with more heart. I’m looking forward to seeing what newcomer actors like Tony Jaa and Kurt Russell will bring to this movie. If Furious 7 happens to be the crew’s last ride (probably not) I am hoping it goes out on top.

Furious 7 releases in theaters April 3, 2015.

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