Captain America: Civil War Trailer (Fan Made)


Is it just me, or does Marvel Studios have a habit of getting us excited for what’s to come later on down the road and less about what’s right around the corner? It happened when Thor: The Dark World was nearing its release date and I was more excited for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Now that’s not to say I’m less excited about Avengers: Age of Ultron (May 1st) than I am for Captain America: Civil War (2016) (they might be neck and neck), but we’re talking about Civil War here!

This is the story-line where Captain America and IronMan become foes (Superhero Registration Act), and it splits the superhero community by forcing to pick a side. We know that by the end of Age of Ultron the team will be split, with members walking away and some possibly dead. The ending will lead right into Civil War, which Anthony Mackie (Falcon) describes as Avengers 3.8, rather than 2.5.

We’re at least a couple months away from the start of production, with many of the cast members doing promotion on Age of Ultron. Which means another nine months from even a teaser trailer. Still, that doesn’t mean some fans can’t express their excitement by creating something as awesome as Alex 86 did, with a fan made trailer. Taking bits of video from past Marvel films and mixing them with other audio clips, this person created a well put together trailer. To that I say well done!

Avengers: Age of Ultron releases in theaters on May 1 2015

Captain America: Civil War will release in theaters on May 6 2016

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