Ted 2 Trailer – Teddy Bears Have Their Rights Too!

The first Ted film was a major hit comedy film. I mean a talking teddy bear voiced by Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane was enough for me to buy a ticket. I really liked the movie, as the jokes were everything you’d expect from film that’s written and directed by MacFarlane, and the chemistry between Mark Wahlberg and the bear worked perfectly for the film. We knew a second film would come, we now have its first trailer and it is hilarious!

Ted 2 looks to up the level of ridiculousness by having a Ted marry the hot girl from the first film, and then the two having a child. I laughed through out the trailer and that’s all really look for in these kinds of films. Whether its Flash Gordon marrying Ted and his girlfriend, or Wahlberg getting covered in sperm donor, its clear MacFarlane is on his game with Ted. You may notice there’s no Mila Kunis in this film as Amanda Seyfried is taking over as the female lead.

Check out the trailer for Ted 2 which releases in theaters on June 26, 2015.


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