DC Tidbits: 'Suicide Squad' & 'Aquaman' Rumors

Dc Comics LogoBelow you can see the possible candidates to replace Tom Hardy in Suicide Squad after Jake Gyllenhaal passed, which badass character is now rumored for Suicide Squad and which badass is attached to it, who is possibly being sought out to star next to Jason Momoa in Aquaman, and the man being looked at to helm Aquaman.

Before we get started, let me just say that I can’t emphasize enough that everything below are rumors at this point. Nothing has been confirmed by Warner Bros. or anyone attached to either project, so I would consider taking each somewhat lightly.

Suicide Squad

Now that we all know (should at least) that Tom Hardy has exited Suicide Squad for more than just ‘scheduling issues’, and that Jake Gyllenhaal, Warner Bros. second option, has passed on the role of Rick Flagg, it’s now on to third and fourth options. Will production starting pretty quickly here in the coming months, David Ayer needs to find his Rick Flagg, and he might just have.

I said earlier that they were going on to ‘third and fourth’ options, but really, these kids aren’t third and fourths options. The rumor is that Joel Edgerton (Exodus: Gods and Kings) and Jon Bernthal (Fury) are both in the running for the role of Rick Flagg.

 Joel Edgerton Jon Bernthal

There’s no doubt that it would’ve been just amazing to see Hardy or Gyllenhaal in Suicide Squad, but it’s believed that the role of Rick Flagg is a minor role, and I can see why these A-list talents would opt out. And even though Edgerton and Bernthal don’t have the recognition that Hardy and Gyllenhaal have, they both can be solid replacements. Edgerton has shown his toughness before in roles from Warrior and Zero Dark Thirty, and doesn’t yet have a comic book role/franchise on his resume. As for Bernthal, he may have a slight advantage as they just worked together on the war drama Fury – wouldn’t be surprising to see the two team up once again. It’s also worth noting that his work on The Walking Dead as the hardcore Shane could be a great preview of the type of Rick Flagg we could see.

As for that badass character I was talking about above? It’s none other than Deathstroke, who many consider as the comic book world’s greatest assassin and one of DC’s best villains. And who’s rumored/attached to play him? The big and the bad Joe Manganiello (Sabotage). Again, as of now, this is just a rumor, but I can personally see it happening. It would be the perfect movie to introduce the movie universe Deathstroke.


In his history, he has big ties to both the Suicide Squad and Batman, and with the rumors that Batfleck might make an appearance, why not? As for Manganiello, I think he’s a perfect choice (other than Manu Bennet for Arrow of course). The guy has major potential to be a big action star, he fits the build, and he can really strut his stuff in a comic book villain role. So if this ends up being true, I’m all for it.

Joe Manganiello

Suicide Squad has a August 5th, 2016 release date. Directed by David Ayer starring Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, and Cara Delevingne.


With all the noise surrounding both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad right now, we sometimes forget that Warner Bros./DC has an entire slate of movies coming out over the next half decade, one of those is Aquaman. Now it’s not due out until 2018 so there is still a little while until things really get going, but that doesn’t mean some things can’t be set a few years ahead of time.

Jason Momoa is confirmed as Arthur Curry a.k.a. Aquaman, hell, we all knew that long before it was confirmed. Now that that is set in stone, it’s time to turn to find the supporting cast, and it looks like Warner Bros./DC possibly just found their co-star.

This rumor comes from Latino Review and according to them, Warner Bros. is looking at Karl Urban for a major role, with them saying possibly a villain. They also state that WB “is patiently waiting for Star Trek 3 to complete production” so they can ‘nab’ Urban. At one time Urban was in the running for the new Batman until Affleck got it, and although he was my personal choice, I can definitely see him playing a really cool villain, if that’s the case.

Karl Urban

Many sites are running with the villain speculation and many are throwing out there that he could possibly be playing Aquaman’s Atlantean half-brother Orm, otherwise known as Ocean Master. And as a reader of  The New 52 Aquaman comics, I can say Urban would be an absolutely perfect fit for the role. My only wish is that if you grab a guy like Urban for that role, he better not be a one and done villain. Urban would be able to put forth some special Ocean Master work for multiple movies, including ones outside the Aquaman franchise.

Ocean Master

The other rumor that is attached to this is that 300: Rise of an Empire director Noam Murro is rumored to be a possible choice to helm Aquaman. Rise of an Empire is, of course, the follow-up to 300, which was directed by Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and future Justice League director Zack Snyder. It would make sense to see Warner Bros. to go after someone with similar styles to Snyder, and at the same time I’m sure Snyder put in a little recommendation/approval for Murro, if this rumor pans out to be true that is.

Aquaman has a July 27th, 2018 release date, which stars Jason Momoa.

Although everything above are rumors, what do you think of the possibilities? Would you like to see any of them come true?

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