New 'Blackhat' Images Feature Chris Hemsworth & More

Michael Mann’s next movie, which stars Chris Hemsworth, is all about Cyber Crime and how vulnerable we really are. A almost spy thriller set in the cyber crime world sounds extremely interesting, especially from the guy who brought us Heat, Collateral, and more. Normally a movie like this wouldn’t catch many eyes, but the fact that names like Mann and Hemsworth are attached make it very intriguing. With the movie due out next week, a set of new images have been released focusing on the characters of Blackhat.

Below you can see Director Michael Mann with Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, Wei Tang, Leehom Wang, Ritchie Coster, and Holt McCallany in their respective roles.

Chris Hemsworth in 'Blackhat' Viola Davis in 'Blackhat' Wei Tang & Leehom Wang in 'Blackhat' Chris Hemsworth in 'Blackhat' Ritchie Coster in 'Blackhat' Image of 'Blackhat' Wei Tang in 'Blackhat' Chris Hemsworth & Michael Mann on set 'Blackhat' Michael mann on set 'Blackhat' Wei Tang & Chris Hemsworth in 'Blackhat' Leehom Wang in 'Blackhat' Chris Hemsworth & Wei Tang in 'Blackhat' Chris Hemsworth in 'Blackhat' Chris Hemsworth & Michael mann on set 'Blackhat' Chris Hemsworth & Wei Tang in 'Blackhat' Chris Hemsworth & Viola Davis in 'Blackhat'

I’m completely in on anything that both Michael Mann and Chris Hemsworth are in, let alone together. It may be predictable or something we’ve seen before, but there’s no doubt that it’ll exciting and entertaining throughout.

Blackhat will open on January 16th, 2015. Directed by Michael Mann starring Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, John Ortiz, Leehom Wang, Wei Tang, Ritchie Coster, Holt McCallany, William Mapother, and Jason Butler Harner.

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