First Look: Natalie Portman & Joel Edgerton In 'Jane Got a Gun'

Every once in a while we have one of those movies where we say, ‘Oh right, that’s still a movie.’ The western Jane Got a Gun is that movie, one that has been in hiatus for a while now. When it was first ready to shoot, it was to be directed by Lynne Ramsay, until she left the project on the first day of shooting – she was then replaced by Gavin O’Connor. It’s also seen a number of lead actors come in and out, like Bradley Cooper, Michael Fassbender, and Jude Law until they landed Ewan McGregor. Now that filming is complete, we have our first official look at Jane Got a Gun via these images.

Below you can see Natalie Portman, who plays the title character of Jane, and Joel Edgerton giving us their best wester poses.

Natalie Portman in 'Jane Got a Gun' Joel Edgerton in 'Jane Got a Gun' Image of 'Jane Got a Gun' Image of 'Jane Got a Gun' Natalie Portman in 'Jane Got a Gun' Joel Edgerton & Natalie Portman in 'Jane Got a Gun'

It’s always iffy when a movie has production trouble like this one has had, but even thought its had its problems, I’m still looking forward to it for sure. Director Gavin O’Connor delivered some incredible weight and characters in Warrior (co-starring Joel Edgerton), hopefully he can pull the same for this. It’s had its problems, yes, but I’m damn happy to see a western coming our way. I would love to see more directors shoot up westerns, as it feels like they are a dying breed. If anything, Jane Got a Gun has some serious things working for it.

Jane Got a Gun shoots into theaters on September 4th, 2015. Directed by Gavin O’Connor starring Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton, Ewan McGregor, Noah Emmerich, Rodrigo Santoro, and Boyd Holbrook.

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