Tim Burton talks Beetlejuice 2


In case you haven’t seen this year’s Birdman, the lead star in that film Michael Keaton gave arguably the best performance of the year. Now a mainstream name once again, film fans have been wondering if the actor would ever reprise his famous role in the ’88 Beetlejuice film. It’s more of a question of when the film will become official, as Keaton along with Director Tim Burton have expressed much interest in returning to that world. In a recent interview with Yahoo Movies, Burton shared an update on the hot topic…

“There’s a script now, that I think is closer to what it could be and I’m excited about it. I wouldn’t call it so much a sequel, but it’ll have some characters [from the original ‘Beetlejuice’]. It’s a bit too early to say but it’s definitely something that’s on my radar and something I’d love to do.”

The important thing here is that everyone involved wants a story that is worthy enough to make a follow up film 25+ years later. As far as returning cast members, Winona Ryder is the only other one set to return as the grown up Lydia Deetz. Like this year’s Dumb and Dumber To, Beetlejuice 2 will look to pick up as a continuation of sorts many many years after the first film. For now, it will all depend on just how strong of a story the writers can create.

We can expect more updates on Beetlejuice 2 early in the New Year!

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