Sony will release The Interview on Christmas Day

I still support Sony’s original decision in pulling The Interview from its initial Christmas Day release. As much as we don’t like giving into demands from hackers making terrorist threats, if it means preventing the death of just one life then its no question whether it was worth it or not. Shortly after Sony announced pulling The Interview, our Commander In Chief addressed the issue and stated that Sony “made a mistake”. Now, Sony has decided to go through in releasing The Interview on Christmas Day in any theater willing to participate.

Should Movie Theaters near me show the film I will definitely be watching this and I encourage you too, because I think theater chains will emphasize guest safety even more should they choose to show the film. Also if our president, who has an unlimited number of resources says there’s no present danger to fear, then all should be well. At the moment, only a little over 200 theaters have opted to show The Interview, while Sony has released a new trailer “In Franco & Rogen We Trust” which directly addresses all this controversy.

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