‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Review

6.8 out of 10

Director Ridley Scott has not been on his game lately. With the failure of last years The Counselor, which had a stellar cast but ended up being critically despised, and the year before that Prometheus having mixed reviews, people are no longer giving Scott the benefit-of-the-doubt and rightfully so. That could explain why there wasn’t a lot of buzz leading up to the release of Exodus: Gods and Kings. Also, the negative critic reviews thus far have impacted people’s preexisting perception of whether the movie will be good or not. Regardless of that, Exodus still won the weekend box office at about 25 million it’s opening weekend. That’s not bad but still not what a studio would expect from a high budget Ridley Scott film starring Christian Bale.

With all that being said, after seeing Exodus: Gods and Kings, I recognize why it’s building up so much negativity; it’s a horrible movie. I didn’t have high expectations at all and I still came out very disappointed. Although, there were some redeemable aspects to the film. I found myself fascinated with the second act. But other than that I cannot understand what was going on when this script was written and how this movie was made.

On paper, it sounded like an extraordinarily interesting mixture of pieces that could’ve led to a very special film. You had Ridley Scott, while although his recent work had not been beloved, he’s still a proven director and could possibly make a great movie. The two leads alone, Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton (I don’t mind the “white washing” of the characters who are supposed to be Egyptian or Muslim), are academy level performers and the supporting cast was formidable as well. With all that going for it you would assume that a great, epic, event film was on it’s way. But it ended up being a lazily put together movie that was nothing but frustrating to watch. The major problems lie within the script and story and even with an all-star cast, that can be unforgivable.

Like I mentioned earlier, there were some things that I liked about this movie even though my overall impression was negative. In the first thirty minutes of the film I thought to myself, “Here goes another sword and sandle war movie with huge battles that I’ve seen before.” But as the movie went on there were less battles and it focused more on the back and forth emotional struggle between Moses and Ramses. It also focused on God’s role in the story and how God uses nature to punish civilizations to bring order. All of this fascinated me, especially since I’m not familiar with the original content or the religious aspect of the Moses story.

Those were about the only positive things I could say about this movie. I was sort of looking forward to it and it ultimately disappointed me. Ridley Scott’s next film, The Martian has another intriguing premise and stars Matt Damon. Hopefully he can redeem himself with this one or he might find trouble getting studios to back his larger than life, big budget movies.

Have you guy’s seen Exodus: Gods and Kings? If so, what did you think? Was it as bad as I made it sound or am I being too negative? Let us know in the comment section.

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