AMC Theaters to offer MoviePass – Unlimited Movies for only $35-$45 a month


During my recent visit to Los Angeles for the AMC Movie News 100 Million Views celebration I took the opportunity to watch a movie at an AMC Theaters for the first time. The experience was pretty awesome and made me wish a theater would open in the Sacramento area. Now for those of you AMC Theater fans in Boston and Denver, the theater chain is partnering with Movie Pass to offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy all the movies you want.

Movie Pass sells consumers a monthly subscription that would offer unlimited theatrical screenings for a flat fee. It was around a few years ago, but theater chains weren’t buying into the idea of unlimited movies for Movie Pass members (including AMC Theaters). Today, its a different tune being sung by AMC as they are now offering a $35 and a $45 monthly package, with the $45 allowing viewers to see any movie in any format (including IMAX and 3-D). Should the idea show profit by more people buying into this partnership, more cities will be offering the Movie Pass.

I find this to be a great deal for any film fan out there with the opportunity to experience this. How many times have we seen a movie that was really good and couldn’t wait for it to release on blu-ray. Well with Movie Pass, you wouldn’t have to wait, just go see it again a few days later, because that’s what we want to do as film fans. Movie Theater ticket prices go from $10-$15 per one admission, not including concessions. Take a look at this year’s and next year’s Summer Blockbuster line up and Movie Pass suddenly becomes a brilliant idea. It’s up to those in Denver and Boston to try it out and hopefully enjoy it enough to spread the word. Also it wouldn’t hurt to build an AMC Theater in the Sacramento area, because you know its the State Capital and all.

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