Batman V Superman – Picking up right after Man of Steel (Plot Details)


The fate of the DC Cinematic Universe just recently finished it’s production as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice enters the post production stage. We’re a step closer towards the first teaser trailer, and while it’s March 25,2016 release date gives Warner Bros plenty of time to touch up their biggest film to date, it has its fans painfully waiting around for every bit of news regarding the event film.

Badass Digest has struck again with a fresh batch of rumors regarding Batman V Superman. While these are only rumors, the information remains a potential spoiler for those wanting to be 100% surprised when watching the movie in 2016. That being said, after reading these new rumors I highly doubt anything you may think would be significant would be spoiled. This new information will at least give you a sense of where things are once the film begins. You have been warned! 



  • The movie opens flashback style with Bruce Wayne (Affleck)arriving in Metropolis during the Superman/General Zod fight. We immediately get to know the new Batman.
  • Batman V Superman does in fact take place a few years after Man of Steel, with Superman being established as a hero.
  • Clark Kent and Lois Lane are living together and both work at The Daily Planet.
  • Clark gets an assignment on covering the Gotham vs. Metropolis Football game  (possible Cyborg intro). However, he has a high interest in researching this Batman character.
  • Conflict between foreign nations rise as Superman saves Lois who is covering a story in the Middle East and requires Superman’s rescue. Nations start viewing Superman as an American weapon.
  • General Swanwick has come to supporting Superman. During the final battle between Superman and an undisclosed villain, the General vouches for Superman to win without any human casualties.
  • After stopping an unnamed villains scheme, Superman ops to take the villain to prison rather than break their neck. Could the Batman’s ways be rubbing off on the Man of Steel?

Most of these rumors make sense when looking back at the information that we know so far. In Man of Steel, we see a couple of Easter eggs hinting Wayne’s and Lex Luthor’s existence in the form of Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp names on things. Bruce Wayne in Metropolis during the final battle isn’t a far stretch. The Caped Crusader might have just retired at that point and decided to let the military take care of whatever was damaging Metropolis.

We know that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will in fact introduce a number of Justice League characters like Cyborg, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman. The Cyborg character also known as Ray Fisher was a Football star prior to being in a near fatal accident and later becoming Cyborg.

Those of you who are excited about Batman V Superman feel free to express your thoughts on these rumors with us. Can you see any one of these rumors being true?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, 2016.

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