Poll: With All This Spidey Talk & If a Deal Is Made, Who Could Play Him for Marvel?

Image of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'The past few weeks have seen a number of serious hacks going on over at Sony, making a ton of juicy information public that probably shouldn’t be. The center of a lot of those hacks seem to be revolving around the Spider-Man rights, the ongoing relationship between Sony and Marvel, and what the future holds for Spidey.

More information than ever is now out on the internet about the plans Sony has for Spidey and if Marvel Studios plays a role in that. From all the Spider-Man universe plans Sony has to all the ongoing talks about possibly bringing Spidey into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, it’s crazy!

Before we get started, this is all rumor at this point. Nothing is official or confirmed, it’s all speculation from these recent hacks (awesome speculation at that though!).

The last information says Sony has a ‘Spider-Man summit’ set for next month to talk about and figure out the overall plans for the Spidey-verse. It’s also said that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige may be involved in those conversations as it’s stated that their may be some kind of deal in place between the two studios. What’s that deal? Well there was an actual deal in place weeks back, but the talks ended up falling out (according to the hacked emails). Now it’s said that Sony Japan has possibly stepped in because they don’t like the direction the Spider-Man movies are headed, it’s said they have kept the talks alive with Marvel, with a final deal possibly being finished at that Spidey summit next month (again, according to those emails).

The deal would include Marvel having all creative control over Spidey – their version, their way, for their universe. While Sony would have the distribution rights, a share in profits, merchandising, etc. The rumor goes on to talk about a possible cameo of Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War (in movie or after credits scene), which would lead into a new (rebooted) Spider-Man set for 2017. It’s been rumored elsewhere that Marvel actually has a trilogy in mind and that Captain America: The Winter Soldier Directors Joe and Anthony Russo want to produce.

It goes on to say that Marvel is actually already underway on developing the script, and looking for directors. It’s said that Marvel wants to skip the origin part of the story and jump into Spider-Man already being a hero for a few years, with Peter Parker in college or just afterwards (almost a James Bond-esque type, with the origin of Spidey already being told twice before).

Andrew Garfield in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

It’s also said that Marvel wouldn’t bring current Spidey Andrew Garfield back to play the web-slinger, as it would add confusion to the average movie-goers, but also mess with the continuity. But that Marvel has talked with Garfield about it and they have interest in and want to bring him in the MCU in a different role. What that is? Who knows. Cough, Nova, cough.

So with all this talk about Spider-Man, his possible jump into the MCU, and (possibly) no Andrew Garfield returning – who would be a good choice for Marvel that fits Spidey and the rumored but possible description above? Below you can cast your vote! The poll includes some names that are rumored to be on Marvel’s shortlist, but also some that I believe would be great choices for the web-head.

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