Talks between Sony & Marvel actually happened in regards to Spider-Man


For those who aren’t aware of the significance of this news ought to know that Marvel Studios cannot make a Spider-Man movie. The reason for that is because the film rights for the web slinger belong to a different studio, Sony. For years comic book fans have been shouting for Sony to give up, or sell the rights for Spider-Man to Marvel, and in recent years have demanded a crossover for Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There have been rumors of talks between Sony and Marvel to find some sort of agreement into bringing the Spider-Man character into a film with Iron Man and Captain America, but those have only been rumors, until now.

Sony at the moment is going through a crisis right now with hackers releasing films like The Interview and Annie, before their scheduled release date. The damage doesn’t stop there, as emails from the company were also released onto the internet. One of those email were in regards to Sony and Marvel having serious talks into bringing the Spider-Man character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, more specifically into Marvel’s upcoming Captain America: Civil War film.


One possible scenario between the studios involved a new Marvel-produced trilogy of Spider-Man movies that would see Sony retain “creative control, marketing and distribution.”  Marvel Studios was apparently very keen on the idea, as they were hoping to include the Spider-Man character in the third Captain America film. (Collider)
Talks between the studios eventually fell, though the haven’t died. Hearing news like this (via Wall Street Journal) further exemplifies the good relationship between Marvel and Sony, which for comic book fans such as myself is a very good thing. The current condition of Sony including the state of their solo comic book property and it’s latest film’s result, its only a matter of time until the studio will have no choice but to play into Marvel’s conditions for the Spider-Man character (see above).
You can bet your behind that talks between Sony and Marvel regarding Spider-Man will pick up sooner or later.
When the day comes…

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