DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Gets an All-Star Caliber Cast


The day after I write a post on several actors in final talks to joining the David Ayer directed Suicide Squad, we get an official announcement of the cast. The report comes from Variety, which released an official line up of characters for Suicide Squad w/ the actors playing them.  And, here… we….go!

Jared Leto The Joker

Will SmithDeadshot

Tom HardyRick Flag

Margot RobbieHarley Quinn

Jai CourtneyBoomerang

Cara DelevingeEnchantress

The most surprising announcement from this is Will Smith as Deadshot. In recent years, the major box office A-Lister turned down roles for films like Django Unchained and a sequel to Independence Day, yet Warner Bros and perhaps David Ayer himself were able to convince him to be a part of a film that could break new territory in the comic book genre. I’m also very happy seeing Tom Hardy casted as the group leader Rick Flag.
This is amazing news for Warner Bros and comic book fans everywhere. Just the fact that Warner Bros was able to pull a cast like this is very impressive. No word on this announcement concerning if Jessie Eisenberg will reprise his Lex Luthor role from Batman V Superman. Principal photography on Suicide Squad is set to begin in April 2015 in Toronto.
What’s your reaction to this huge news? Let us know below.
Suicide Squad will release in theaters on August 5, 2016

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