Independence Day 2 gets a Greenlight


Independence Day 2 is officially happening in 2016. The news comes from a report by Deadline, which claims that 20th Century Fox has seen enough to give the ’96 Blockbuster hit a follow up film. The reports also reveals that the sequel will be one film, rather than a two part followup.

Independence Day 2 is yet another film to be given a sequel after a long period of time (Dumb and Dumber To). Although, if you were to ask me which film I’d rather see get a sequel it would be the former. As for casting news, its starting to look more likely that actor Will Smith will not be joining his co-stars from the first film, Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum for Independence Day 2. 

Director Roland Emmerich is set to return for the sequel, with his partner on the first film Dean Devlin returning as producer. The only plot details rumored is that the film will explore deeper into the alien mythology, and will take place 20 years after the alien invasion in the first film. The year 2016 will also be 20 years since the release of Independence Day.


As a fan of the first film I’m gonna hesitantly be excited to see what this sequel will offer. Not having Will Smith is a bummer, but I’ll take a Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman reprising their roles. While its great that Director Roland Emmerich is returning, his directorial work as of lately (White House Down, 2012) has been just okay. Still this is the guy who directed some awesome 90’s films like Independence Day, The Patriot, Stargate, and Universal Soldier. Perhaps returning to a franchise which gave him success can be a good thing.

Independence Day 2 is set to invade theaters on June 24th, 2016.

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