5 Favorites: ‘Jurassic Park’ Moments

Happy Thanksgiving Movie Talkers! To further share our excitement after the recent trailer for Jurassic World, here are Five Favorite moments from the previous Jurassic Park films (the first two at least).

1. “T-Rex Breakout”

-This entire sequence is just terrifying. 


2. “Don’t go into the long grass!” 

-Best showing of why Velociraptors are so dangerous.


3. “Must go faster!”

 Can you imagine sitting in the backseat with a busted leg and a T-Rex chasing you down?


4. “Lunch debate.”

In case you needed another reason why Jeff Goldblum is so awesome as Ian Malcolm. Bringing to attention the dangers of what they’ve done.


5. “Welcome to Jurassic Park!”

-Just as epic as the first time watching. A lot of credit to these actors and their reactions to these dinosaurs.


What are your favorite Jurassic Park moments? Let us know.

Jurassic World opens in theaters on June 12, 2015

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