Jurassic World Trailer #1 – The Park Is Open


The first teaser trailer for Jurassic World welcomes us back to a modern day functional Dinosaur theme park in a beautiful way. As promised by Director Colin Trevorrow, the first trailer celebrates the first film in several ways. From the opening of the entrance gate, to the familiar shot of dinosaurs running through the grass. Jurassic World looks to bring life back into the franchise by taking place 22 years after the first film.


I hope those iphones are waterproof

For a decade, the island of Isla Nubar has been a fully functional theme park thanks in part to Masrani Global Corporation. The trailer showcases this by showing off some of its attractions that visitors get to enjoy, including a Sea World type show for the previously rumored aquatic dinosaurs. What Jurassic World wants fans (both short and longtime) to realize is this is a take on what a modern theme park would look like.

Things quickly go wrong after a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur escapes captivity. The one creature that Masrani Global cannot control happens to be the biggest and most dangerous threat. Enter Chris Pratt as Owen, who’s character is described as a mix of Dr. Grant and Dr. Malcolm. For a film attempting bring something fresh to the franchise, an actor like Pratt is perfect. The shot of him riding a motorcycle with a pack of tamed Raptors by his side is 100% pure epic.


Overall, with several months till its release and more trailers to come, this was a very good first trailer. Hopefully, movie goers are excited to see what Jurassic World has to offer.

Jurassic World releases on June 15, 2015

What did you think of the trailer? Check it out again below!

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