Sony calls quits on Steve Jobs Biopic


After months of torture in development hell, it seems the Steve Jobs biopic is officially done. Confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures has ended all development and is currently shopping the project around to interested studios, particularly Universal.

This really upsets me for several reasons. Sony at one point had David Fincher in talks to direct the biopic. Should this have happened, it would reunite the director with a script written by Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network). Fincher’s demand was that Christian Bale play the role of Steve Jobs. However, Fincher eventually left after Sony hesitated on his demands.

Bale 2

Then Sony decides to approach Bale for the role, only after Fincher leaves. Bale joins Director Danny Boyle, and soon after reports surface of Seth Rogen eyed for the Steve Wozniack role (co-founder of Apple). The pairing of Bale and Rogen, with a script written by Sorkin made for a very interesting film.

Shortly after the biopic finally looked to be moving along, Christian Bale drops out, claiming he didn’t see himself fit for the role. I choose to believe Sony could have held on to the actor if Fincher was still attached, because as an actor you don’t turn down David Fincher.


Once Bale dropped out, Sony seemed to have trouble locking in Seth Rogen for the Wozniack role. Names like Bradley Cooper and Michael Fassbender began appearing for the role of Jobs. Then Sony decides to call quits ignoring the Sorkin written script they have, which also had Boyle attached as director.

I’m actually a bit relieved that Sony waved the flag, after thinking about The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Of course, that’s a bit excessive and maybe irrelevant, but there were so many good things coming from this project. Whether it was scheduling conflicts, differences concerning production budget, or whatever else, I hope the next studio in line for this project has a clear vision for the Steve Jobs biopic.

What do you Movie Talkers make of this news? Let us know.

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