First Look: Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart in 'Get Hard'

When you think of a comedy actor ‘of old’, Will Ferrell is usually one that comes to many peoples mind. When you think of a comedy actor ‘of new’, one who not only comes to mind, but has just jumped on the scene is the hilariously tiny Kevin Hart. Now with comedy, that ‘fatigue’ factor can easily happen. And maybe it has, but that won’t stop these guys for churning out comedies. But what would happen if these two guys teamed up? Old with new, tall with short, would it be good (and by good I mean funny)? That remains to be seen, but we will find out next year in Get Hard – check out the first images below.

Thanks to Job Movie Network, we have a description of the comedy, and both Ferrell and Hart’s characters as well:

“In the film, Ferrell plays James King, the head of a Ponzi scheme that gets him sentenced to jail time. When the judge decides to send him to maximum security San Quentin instead of a low security country club, King decides he needs help. Mistaking his car washer Darnell (Hart) for a hardened criminal and pays him a lot of money to help him get hard.”

Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart in 'Get Hard'Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart in 'Get Hard' Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart in 'Get Hard'

I haven’t been as into Will Ferrell as I used to, his past so many movies just haven’t done it for me. But as for Kevin Hart, I freaking love this guy. There’s no doubt that the ‘fatigue’ factor will come in with his movies at some point, but right now the guy is on fire and I can’t seem to stop laughing. The movie could look terrible or be terrible, but he still seems to knock me around with a good amount of laughs.

Get Hard will open on March 27th, 2015. Starring Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Alison Brie, T.I., Paul Ben-Victor, Dan Bakkedahl, Gary Owen, and Christopher Berry.


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