‘Star Wars’ Ep. VII Title Officially Announced: ‘The Force Awakens’


Ever since they announced Star Wars Episode VII people have been wondering two things; What will the cast be and what is the title? Well we got the cast several months ago and today Disney and Lucas Film have finally announced the title which will indeed be The Force Awakens.

I would say I am a general Star Wars fans (I still love Star Wars), meaning that I am not familiar with all of the secondary mediums after the movies such as the books, comics, and animated television shows. I only know the movies and the title might mean something to those fans who know more about Star Wars but I’m not sure what The Force Awakens could specifically mean.

Now before you conclude that I’m an idiot, I’m not saying I don’t know what the force is because I do from the movies. I’m just saying that the actual phrase of the title might mean something more to hardcore fans. Therefor, I am speculating about the title from my own knowledge and I must say I like it but I am confused. Does this mean that after Return of the Jedi that Luke Skywalker goes on to build up the force after the events of that film? That would make sense to me.

What do you guys think? Do you like the title or could they’ve done better? And if you know more about the significance of the title please let us know!

Sources: comingsoon.net, Lucasfilm

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