Peter Berg & Mark Wahlberg Are Re-Teaming to Make 'Six Billion Dollar Man' (Finally!)

Peter Berg & Mark WahlbergFrom what I’ve heard and been told, Hollywood has been trying over and over again to make the popular 70s TV show Six Million Dollar Man into a film since the show ended. Well, it was announced today that it’s officially being made and because it’s a movie, the ‘Million’ part is being turned into ‘Billion’, why the hell not right?

Not only is it being made and with a Billion instead of a Million, it’s being brought to us by the two guys who were part of Lone Survivor, that incredibly emotional and unbelievable war movie based on that shocking true story. That’s right, Director Peter Berg (The Rundown, Friday Night Lights, and Lone Survivor) and star Mark Wahlberg (most recently seen in Lone Survivor and the unfortunate Transformers: Age of Extinction) are teaming back up to bring us Six Billion Dollar Man. It will tell the story of Steve Austin, a man who is nearly killed in a terrible accident. He is rebuilt with six billion dollars worth of improvements added onto his body, where his newfound super strength and abilities make him the ideal secret agent.

Normally, people would shun the idea of making a TV show into a movie, especially from that era. But the thought of having the mind of Peter Berg bring us a big, full-fledged action movie about a rebuilt secret agent using six billion dollars starring Mark Wahlberg sounds really freaking cool. The fact that it is Berg and Wahlberg means that it can be taken in a lot of different directions, allowing the two of them to both play with the story and role to give us something really fun to watch.

The report came from Deadline and according to them, Berg and Wahlberg will produce alongside the Weinsteins with Universal possibly co-fincancing. It also said that they hope to start shooting sometime in 2015, eyeing a 2016 release date.

What do you think about a Six Billion Dollar Man movie? And what about Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg being the two leading the way?

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