First Look: 'Man Down' Starring Shia LaBeouf & Jai Courtney

We have now our first look at the psychological post-apocalyptic thriller Man Down. Written by Adam Simon and being directed by Dito Montiel as it just started filming a week ago. It was learned back in September that Shia LaBeouf, Kate Mara, Gary Oldman, and Jai Courtney were all set to star. Sounds pretty interesting right? Here’s a first look.

Here’s an official synopsis:

In a savage post-apocalyptic America, U.S. Marine Gabriel Drummer (LaBeouf), searches desperately for the whereabouts of his estranged son, Jonathan and wife, Natalie (Mara). Accompanied by his best friend Devin Roberts (Courtney), a hardnosed marine whose natural instinct is to shoot first and ask questions later, the two intercept Charles (Clifton Collins Jr.), an apocalyptic survivor carrying vital information about the whereabouts of Gabriel’s family. As we revisit the past, we are guided in unraveling the puzzle of Gabriel’s experience and what will eventually lead us to the origin of this war torn America.

Shia LaBeouf, Jai Courtney & Clifton Collins Jr. in 'Man Down'

Now many people are not to high on LaBeouf right now for reasons outside of being on screen. Put that aside and he has become one hell of an actor. I’m one that has enjoyed him on screen from the beginning, always making more out of the sometime dull material he’s given. The final Indiana Jones movie, the first three Transformers, and Eagle Eye are just a few examples of him being the highlight of the movie. And he just notched his best on screen performance to date with Fury. Where he came out on top with the best performance in a movie that was filled with a crap load of them. So you may not be a fan or the biggest one, but there’s no doubt that his ability is becoming known by many now. And hopefully a lead in a movie like Man Down, following a movie like Fury, hopefully it’s a fresh start for the young star.

On top of LaBeouf, you have Kate Mara who has always had the talent to be a break out star but just hasn’t done it yet, this could definitely be her time. Gary Oldman (worked with LaBeouf on Lawless) who, well, is Gary Oldman! You can never go wrong with them, he obviously rocks everything he’s in. It’s interesting though, from my books this will be his third movie in an ‘apocalyptic’ world, wonder if he enjoys being there?

Jai Courtney who is a rising star of his own, really becoming known over the past few years. He started with the awesome TV show Spartacus, turned bad guy going toe to toe with Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher, became John McClane’s son in the Die Hard movies, joined the Divergent franchise as a mainstay, part of two highly talked about movies in Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken and Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner, and just finished filming as Kyle Reese in what looks like a new Terminator trilogy. So yeah, I would say this guy is definitely one to pay attention to! Oh, and don’t look past Clifton Collins Jr., he has always been incredible on screen and been a damn good supporting actor for many years (check out Extract or Brothers).

What am I getting at with all this talk? This movie has some damn good potential from where I’m sitting. Four actors who could lead any movie in my opinion. And I know the post-apocalyptic story might be over-used and boring by now, but this is the type of cast you get to help carry it.

Man Down has a release date for October 30th, 2015. Starring Shia LaBeouf, Kate Mara, Gary Oldman, Jai Courtney, and Clifton Collins Jr.

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