Steve Jobs Biopic: Is Seth Rogen in? Is Christian Bale Out, Again?


Last week it was rumored that Seth Rogen was in negotiations to play the role of Steve Wozniak in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic to be directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours).  This project already had Christian Bale attached to star as Jobs after he was rumored back and forth but finally confirmed about two weeks ago but apparently he has dropped out AGAIN!

I’ve got to say, for a film fan the development of this movie has been really frustrating for a couple reasons. The first reason being that David Fincher was originally supposed to direct it but then fell out because they couldn’t get Bale (this was months ago).  Although I can’t complain about Danny Boyle taking on the project, I still would’ve preferred Fincher since he’s one of my favorite directors of this generation, especially after Gone Girl which is climbing my all-time favorite movies list.

The second reason is the back and forth rumors of the Steve Jobs casting. First Bale was rumored for the Fincher helmed version but once Bale supposedly “fell out”, Fincher left the project as well.  Then they were throwing around names such as Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio, which I would’ve loved either way.  And then they went back to Christian Bale who was in “for sure” at this point (two weeks ago).

I’m not sure if Seth Rogen is confirmed for the Wazniak role but I hope he is.  This project is jumping through too many hoops to just get the right pieces together and locking in Rogen would be a great move for the film going forward.  But now, who plays Jobs? Honestly I don’t care as long as they get a good actor that isn’t Ashton Kutcher (lol).


Whatever ends up happening with this casting I am still looking forward to this film which should be out in a few years with no official release date planned.  What do guys think of Bale potentially out and Rogen potentially in? Express your thoughts in the comment section!

Sources: IMDB, comingsoon.net, screenrant.com

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