Neill Blomkamp's 'Chappie' Now Has a Trailer & Poster

'Chappie' BannerNeill Blomkamp is mainly known for District 9, a movie many people thought was incredible, a ground-breaker in the sic-fi genre. Following that he worked on the Matt Damon sci-fi thriller Elysium. Now his latest project gets a look, which is titled Chappie – one that is again in that same realm of science fiction.

Official synopsis:

Every child comes into the world full of promise, and none more so than Chappie: he is gifted, special, a prodigy. Like any child, Chappie will come under the influence of his surroundings – some good, some bad – and he will rely on his heart and soul to find his way in the world and become his own man. But there’s one thing that makes Chappie different from anyone else: he is a robot. The first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself. His life, his story, will change the way the world looks at robots and humans forever.

I am personally in the very small majority of people, maybe even alone, that wasn’t a fan of District 9. Maybe I need to watch it another time or two to get on that level, but it just hit me like it did most people. And I would be in the majority, feels like it anyway, that didn’t like Elysium either, much worse than District 9. Even with Damon in it, it was kind of all over the place and just wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

I was watching a movie show earlier this morning and this was a topic on the show. They were talking about how Blomkamp is basically in a small alway right now only consisting of this certain type of sic-fi movie. His first three movies, the three named above, are all based around the same idea and world. That doesn’t mean Chappie won’t be good or surprising, I’m just on the fence about it compared to Blomkamp jumping to another type of genre or movie. Following this movie, I would really like to see him jump to a comedy or thriller type of movie, he could really add some cool edginess.

Check out the new poster below.

Chappie will open on March 6th, 2015. Directed by Neill Blomkamp starring Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver, Sharlto Cropley, Dev Patel, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Miranda Frigon, Sean O. Roberts, and Robert Hobbs.

'Chappie' Poster

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