Big Deal or No Big Deal? – Christopher Nolan and DC Cinematic Universe part ways

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Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy was  a heavy influence for Warner Bros setting up their DC Cinematic Universe.  When you look at Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel you can clearly see the elements from the Nolan films used; like the grounded approach and dark tone.

Warner Bros pushed hard for Writer/Directors Christopher & Jonathan Nolan to stick around as they attempted to kick off their cinematic universe (post Dark Knight Trilogy). To me, Christopher Nolan seemed not so invested in the superhero films anymore as evidenced from The Dark Knight Rises with it’s plot holes and inconsistency. Both however were convinced to hang around for Man of Steel; serving as creative consultants towards the story including writing credits for Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer (who also wrote the Dark Knight Trilogy).


Director Crhistopher Nolan and Actor Christian Bale: Lets see you top that Affleck and… Affleck.

Beyond Man of Steel was a mystery for the Nolan brothers and Warner Bros. Though Batman V Superman is a year and half away from release, I haven’t heard a single word about Christopher Nolan’s involvement. Now, Jonathan Nolan has come out and made it clear that him and his brother are pretty much done with their superhero involvement.

“I love those guys and my brother was involved in ‘Man of Steel’ with Zack [Snyder] and David [Goyer]… I kind of feel like that chapter for us is closed.” (Comingsoon.net)

Though this is bad news for Nolan fans who (along with myself) have enjoyed what he’s given us with the Batman (and Superman) character(s) respectively, I feel this is the right move. Since the Dark Knight Trilogy has ended, Warner Bros has slowly started showing signs of life now that they have a blueprint on how to do their characters right. Besides why would Warner Bros want to continue to keep a talented man around who originally wanted to do only a trilogy and doesn’t have the passion or interest anymore of someone like Zack Snyder?

Christopher Nolan continues to pursue different projects, and his latest film Interstellar is looking really good. I feel the Batman is in great hands as well with Director/Writer/Actor (Oscar winner) Ben Affleck giving us a much different approach to the character. As for Warner Bros, we’ll know soon enough if they’re ready to take this universe far with Zack Snyder leading the way!


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Do you feel Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan non-involvement in Batman V Superman and beyond a Big Deal or No Big Deal?

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