'Age of Ultron' Trailer Breakdown with 92 HD Screenshots!

The trailer that Marvel has brought us for Age of Ultron is one of the best I’ve seen in years. It was an extended and fully finished version of what was shown at SDCC this past summer. This trailer showed and kept plenty enough back to where I don’t even need to see any other trailers, I’m just ready for the movie! Either way, I’ve got my hands on 92 high-res images of the trailer with a breakdown of the footage we got to see.

There have been rumors for some time now about the story and certain sequences playing out in the movie, now with official confirmation from the trailer that they do. But also including some other stuff that many are most likely wondering about, let’s talk about it!

The Castle In the Snow

avengers-19From way back when Thomas Kretschmann was cast to play the Hydra Officer Baron Von Strucker, rumors were attached saying that he would be introduced and have a big part in the movies intro. Not only did the Captain America: The Winter Soldier after credits scene confirm that, but also showed that he has a secret Hydra base, and that he has Loki’s scepter and the twins (Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch) with him – making many to believe that he is the reason why Pietro and Wanda Maximoff become the super powered duo.

Since Ultron’s layer is most likely not a giant, public castle – it only makes sense that this is Strucker’s base somewhere in Eastern Europe. And since it’s surrounded by snowy mountains, these images of the Avengers in the snow must go along with it. It’s heavily speculated that this is the opening act of the movie, before the whole party scene at Avengers tower that gets crashed by Ultron (we’ll get to that).

avengers-20 avengers-21avengers-22 avengers-25avengers-26 avengers-27avengers-65 avengers-66avengers-67

Party at Avengers Tower

avengers-10From what we’ve heard about the Comic Con footage, this was the star scene that got a full look. It starts out as a relaxing, ‘much needed down time’ type of thing for the team after a successful mission (against von Strucker?). Each character taking their chance at picking up Thor’s Hammer, with Cap actually moving it. But it gets cut short by Ultron when he begins that epic dialogue we heard in the trailer. From there it’s said a brawl breaks out between the team and Ultron. With them dismantling Ultron (until he comes back online), then we can only begin to speculate what happens from there.

In these shots we can see the 6 main Avengers, along with Maria Hill (now at Stark Enterprises?) and Don Cheadle a.k.a. War Machine! Now we don’t know whether or not this is the only scene for Rhodey or if we will see him suited up, we’ll have to wait for more footage or the movie for that one. Also, in the larger shot of the team we can see a dark haired woman standing behind Thor. Now many believe that’s Jane Foster, but reports have been saying Jane is out as her and Thor had a fallout. The new reports are saying that that’s Claudia Kim, who is a close doctor/scientist buddy to Tony, maybe she works in the tower and helped with Ultron?

avengers-08 avengers-09avengers-11 avengers-12avengers-13 avengers-14avengers-15 avengers-16avengers-17 avengers-37

This looks like it’ll be the first appearance for Ultron, who was created by Tony Stark as a way to protect the world, alongside the Avengers, after S.H.I.E.L.D. fell. He’s an artificial intelligence, much like JARVIS but in physical form, who can control the more drone like suits, instead of Iron Man suits like in Iron Man 3. But of course that doesn’t work out as ‘things go awry’, as the synopsis states, beginning at the end of the Avengers party as he stumbles in constructed by leftover parts of past Iron Man suits.

The Twins

avengers-01For the first time we get to see the newest villains/heroes in action in the new trailer. The brother-sister act of Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) and Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) can be seen plenty of time throughout the trailer. According to Director Joss Whedon, they don’t necessarily agree with what the Avengers are doing, with their roles involving ‘messing’ with the team.

Above we can see them taking place in a protest (against the team?), which most likely takes place in Eastern Europe where the twins are from. This looks like it could be before them becoming the speedster and hexing with, meaning before they were with Strucker. In the comics they are both villains and heroes, as the trailer really highlights both sides. In the beginning they look to be on Ultron’s side, as the AI may be assembling his own team. But throughout the trailer we can see them jumping ship, as Quicksilver (alongside Cap) is the only member we actually see fighting an Ultron minion.

avengers-29 avengers-30avengers-41 avengers-42avengers-56 avengers-57avengers-58 avengers-79avengers-80

Quicksilver’s powers are pretty easy to understand, it’s super speed. His sisters on the other hand isn’t so easy. In the comics she has a number of abilities, but some of that can’t translate to movie form. From Whedon and actress Elizabeth Olsen’s description, she can touch objects and see their history, and mess with people’s mind. But from what one of the images indicate above, she also has hex blasts in her arsenal just like the comics (AWESOME).

I am somewhat nervous about Quicksilver because his powers are so simple. But I have all trust in Mr. Whedon, I know he will do the character proud. Scarlet Witch on the other hand looks powerful as all hell. She looks like she could become a damn good asset to the team, once they get her on their side that is. She is definitely a top thing I’m looking forward to for the movie, especially since Elizabeth Olsen is playing her.

Hulk vs. Hulkbuster!


Since the beginning, since the first Iron Man film fans have been begging for one of, if not the most popular Iron man suit – Hulkbuster. Well fans finally got their wish when a piece of concept art released during an ABC special last year revealed the suit. Since the trailer is out, we now officially know that Avengers: Age of Ultron is the first Marvel Studios movie to make use of it.

Things to look at in these images: It’s hard to tell with the way the trailer is put together, but it looks like local police and military (reportedly in South Africa, Wakanda maybe?) are posted to a raging Hulk. What happened big guy? Also, look at Mark Ruffalos’ red eyes shining through in one of the images. The big guy’s animation is improving rapidly, not just in details but emotionally as well. One thing that helped Whedon and Ruffalo do that is the King of Mo-cap, Andy Serkis, was brought on to lend a hand.

As for the Hulkbuster, notice that it’s a full, normal sized Iron man suit inside the bigger Hulkbuster. Now the question(s) become is if it’s Tony inside or Ultron controlling it? And If so Tony, what’s gone so bad to have them duke it out?

avengers-23 avengers-24avengers-43 avengers-44avengers-45 avengers-46avengers-47 avengers-48avengers-49 avengers-50avengers-51 avengers-52avengers-72 avengers-73avengers-75 avengers-76avengers-81 avengers-82avengers-83 avengers-84avengers-85

Upgraded Quinjet


We saw the first Quinjets in The Avengers, very high-tech aircrafts that took off from S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarriers. Next was the more militarized version in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that had more space and could go anyway vertical or horizontal in the matter of seconds. Finally was the version that showed up in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., that seems to be the same one in The Winter Soldier, but it can go stealth.

But in Age of Ultron, the Avengers have their own with a personal parking space on Avengers tower, most likely all designed by Tony Stark. This is by far the biggest (just looks at the shot above) one we’ve seen yet and unlike the one we saw the team use in The Avengers, this has just one pilot seat for Hawkeye. It also carries Black Widow’s bike, which you’ll see later.

avengers-07 avengers-53avengers-54

Thor vs. Tony


Director Joss Whedon has been saying since the first one that the sequel would test and potentially tear apart the team. As we can see here, our favorite Asguardian goes after Stark. What happens to set Stark off? From the clothing Stark is wearing, this scene could follow the party scene where we first meet Ultron. If that’s the case, Thor knows how to speed change.

Other than learning about the movie and the villain in Ultron, the theme of the trailer almost felt like it was putting Tony Stark up against the wall. With the rumors of a Civil War movie coming up in the next few years, it might very well start here with Stark’s decisions leading to world-wide disaster and destruction.

avengers-68 avengers-70

Black Widow


With her being a real force in the Captain America sequel and the way it ended with her, it’ll be very interested to learn where and what her character has been up to, as well as how Whedon uses her character this time around. She has become a personal favorite of mine as the character has grown immensely over the course of so many movies.

In the images of her, we can see the completely badass new Avengers ride she will be using, which is actually Harley Davidson’s first ever electric motorcycle. Also the brief and totally touching moment we saw of her and Hulk, confirming what was heard a while back about them having a relationship in the movie. It’s said this scene was in the Comic Con footage, but you could see Hulk’s face in it that time.

Lastly is a photo of Natasha looking pretty freaked out. If you look closely in the background, it almost looks like she could be in Ultron’s underground layer. If that’s the case, yeah I would be pretty freaked out as well.

avengers-40 avengers-55avengers-62 avengers-64avengers-71

PS, I am digging bringing back the shorter hair.

Andy Serkis


We knew that Serkis was brought on to help Ruffalo with mo-capping the Hulk, but once we heard he was actually cast is when it became interesting. We didn’t know whether or not he would be mo-capping like he usually does or if he would be a human character, the first trailer confirms it’s a human character, and a very interesting one at that.

In the shot, Serkis is repping a pretty unique look, one that has incredible similarities to Ulysses Klaw – a super villain in the comics who battles against the Avengers and specifically Black Panther. In the comics Ultron is made out of adamantium, which Marvel can’t use because Fox owns those rights (Wolverine). But in this version, it’s believed Ultron will upgrade himself with vibranium, the indestructible metal that Captain America’s shield is made out of and metal that is found in one place, Wakanda. What’s Wakanda? It’s the birth place and home to Black Panther. Now if Serkis is in fact playing Klaw, then this is the exact easter egg we’ve been waiting a pretty long time for, hinting that a Black Panther movie is coming (maybe even making an appearance in this movie?).

Broken Shield

The combination of dramatic music and Ultron painting that terrifying and dark future for the Avengers, it couldn’t have been emphasized more than that final shot of Cap’s not just broke, but shattered shield. This was a much bigger scene at Comic Con as the shot panned up and it saw Stark looking over his Avenger counterparts who were lying almost dead (you can see Thor’s arm in one of the images).

Now it’s heavily assumed that this is some kind of dream or vision from Tony Stark, perhaps when Ultron is ‘painting that picture’ or when Stark realizes what he has done. Heck, this could even be a result of Scarlet Witches powers when she’s on Team Ultron. No doubt that this should be kept pretty quiet until the movie is released.

avengers-86 avengers-87

Evolution of Ultron


When we first see Ultron, we see him stumbling in made of leftover Iron man parts. Then we know he upgrades to become the army version of himself that was on the EW cover months back, kind of a cross between an Iron man suit and the comic version of Ultron.

Somewhere in the middle of the trailer we see an army of Ultron’s minions in a sequence where they are climbing up a wall and flying out of water, which should no doubt be the beginning of that final battle sequence. Then, then there’s that final moment of the trailer where we see which will most likely be the final product of Ultron. Possibly the vibranium version with red human-esque eyes, a mouth, and ‘human moving’ parts all over with a terrifically terrifying voice by James Spader.

avengers-31 avengers-32avengers-33 avengers-34avengers-88 avengers-90

More Images

avengers-02 avengers-03avengers-04 avengers-05avengers-18 avengers-35avengers-36 avengers-38avengers-39 avengers-59avengers-60 avengers-63avengers-77 avengers-78avengers-91 avengers-92

Avengers: Age of Ultron will be released on May 1st, 2015. Directed by Joss Whedon starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlet Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Cobie Smulders, Samuel L. Jackson, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, James Spader, Don Cheadle, Anthony Mackie (Rumored), Haley Atwell (rumored), Josh Brolin (rumored), and Thomas Kretschmann.


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