‘The Flash Review’: Season 1 Ep. 2 “The Fastest Man Alive”


The second episode of ‘The Flash’ premiered this past Tuesday and here are our thoughts on “The Fastest Man Alive”.

Episode 2 picks up from last week with Barry Allen adjusting to his new powers and trying to balance his daily life with his new superhero alter ego.  The overall story arc of season 1 seems to be the search for Barry’s mom’s killer, which led to his father being wrongfully accused of murdering her.  Barry knows for a fact that his father is innocent and won’t stop until he figures out a way to save him and solve the mystery of his mothers death.  With all the side story lines coming each episode, this will be the main focus of the season and maybe even the series going forward.

Without giving away too many spoilers, let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of this episode titled “The Fastest Man Alive”.


  • Relationship between Barry Allen and foster father Detective Joe West– although Barry has several relationships with different characters, I could see this being the one that carries the show and brings out the most drama from both characters.
  • Fight scene at the end– Although I didn’t like the villain in this episode very much, I did like the final outcome in which Barry had to overcome an equally powerful being that almost got the best of him.
  • Barry’s team of scientists– one of the things that worried me going into this show was the younger scientists that help Barry adjust to his powers and fight crime in the streets.  Ever since they made an appearance on ‘Arrow’ I was hoping they wouldn’t end up like the “twins” on ‘Agents of Shield’. However, after two episodes I can say that I enjoy these characters and I like the chemistry between them and Barry Allen.


  • The Villain– sometimes I wonder if a totally different group of people handle certain aspects of a TV show because while there are a lot of great things about ‘The Flash’ so far, this villain, known as Multiplex was just horrible in my opinion.  He duplicated himself. That’s all I have to say.  There are dozens of other Flash villains they could have used, I just don’t understand why they went for this cheesy choice so early in the show.
  • Iris West–  Iris is the best friend of Barry (who he has a crush on) and the daughter of detective Joe West. While I’m all for strong friendships and even a romantic one if it is done right, I just have not had any interest in this character who is played by Candice Patton.  No disrespect to the actress, she’s really good as far as playing the part but the character that was written up just isn’t doing it for me.  Maybe she will grow on me but for now she’s a negative.

Overall, this was a very good follow up to the pilot episode of last week.  When a shows keeps me wanting to watch more, that is when it’s successful to me.  “The Fastest Man Alive” did just that and we will continue to cover ‘The Flash’ all season long.  Have you guys seen this episode? If not check it out and let us know what you thought!

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