From ‘Mission: Impossible’ Assassin to Bond Girl


The latest James Bond film is set to begin production in December with Director Sam Mendes (Skyfall) set to return. Now I’ve read some rumors around the web about the pop singer Rihanna in talks to be a Bond Girl (not a bad idea), but those rumors are now less likely. Lea Seydoux who is best known for her role as the deadily assassin in Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol is joining the new Bond film in that role. The report comes from The Daily Mail.

Lea Seydoux is mainly known for her action role in Ghost Protocol, but apparently the actress has some acting skills to go with it. She received much praise from critics for her role in Blue is the Warmest Color. So don’t expect for her to only smile and look sexy opposite Daniel Craig. I can’t imagine after her fight scene with Paula Patton that the writers behind the new Bond film wouldn’t somehow get her to throw down. Once production begins we’ll receive more information on her role and the film.

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