Future of Sony & Spider-Man Universe


Sony, Sony, Sony. What exactly are you doing with this beloved Marvel character? I remember in the beginning of this year the studio was over marketing Amazing Spider-Man 2 like it was going to be an event film. I’m sure movie fans understood what ASM2 was trying to be, but failed with it’s execution and pace (to name a few). Yes, Sony made $700 mil worldwide, and I’m not denying it’s success financially, but it still fell short of what it was trying to reach in terms of financial and critical goals.

Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of release dates changing and projects getting pushed back, because of how Amazing Spider-Man 2 was received. According to the latest reports the villain spin-off Sinister Six, which releases in 2016 is being labeled as a soft reboot. It’s not to long ago that Sony rebooted the franchise so I don’t see this as a possibility, but you never know. As for a third Amazing Spider-Man film; we’re at least four years away from that release date (2018). The Venom/Carnage planned movie has Alex Kurtzman attached to direct, and there’s even reports of that movie being canned. The latest/most popular report claims that Sony and Marvel are discussing a Spider-Man appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which isn’t a bad idea today.

Av Sp

Oh the possibilites

In my eyes, Spidey needs all the help it can get, and that’s a knock on Sony. I think a Spider-Man appearance in the MCU is very possible, and should happen. For one, there were talks prior to the release of Avengers (2012) to have the Oscorp tower in the Superhero event film. Marvel even allowed Writer/Director Drew Goddard to leave the Daredevil Netflix show (though not entirely) in order to direct Sinister Six for Sony. Those two things tell me that the Sony-Marvel relationship is strong(er) and in good terms. Putting Spider-Man in a great film (a.k.a Avengers 3) would restore some interest back into the character, and I’m sure will please die hard comic book fans everywhere.

Right now the best thing Sony has going for them is Director Drew Goddard and the Sinister Six villain movie. Everything else Sony & Spider-Man is a mystery at the moment. Tell us what you think of the state of Spider-Man & Sony.

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