Robert Downey Jr. Talks of a New Condition for ‘Iron Man 4’



Robert Downey Jr’s impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe can’t be denied. The 2008 surprise hit Iron Man launched Marvel Studios into what it is today, and Downey in his Tony Stark role has been a big Box Office draw ever since. Contractually speaking, Avengers: Age of Ultron is the second to last film on Downey’s current contract with Marvel, while Avengers 3 is assumed to be the last film.

The actor has admitted in the past that he loves playing the character and given the right circumstances would be willing to re-negotiate a contract extension. However during an interview to promote The Judge, the actor sat down with Deadline and expanded a bit on the idea and possible terms.

DEADLINE: Marvel badly wants Iron Man 4 and you’ve said you aren’t doing it. How about the idea you’ll do that movie if Mel (Gibson) directs it?
RDJ: Correct. 


The idea alone of Mel Gibson directing again is a definite must. For all the reasons to hate him on a personal level; if we’re talking just movies (which we are) then the man is very talented as an Actor and Director. It’s a shame that he hasn’t directed anything since Apocalypto; yet as an actor he’s been above average with what he’s done in recent years. I’m still waiting for that comeback from Mel Gibson, and give credit to RDJ for at the very least opening a door for him and Marvel Studios.


Will Marvel Studios actually go for something like this is highly unlikely for several reasons. The studio is owned by Disney who we all know isn’t into associating themselves with bad publicity. By that I’m referring to Gibson’s infamous comments of ’06. Secondly, Marvel might look at Downey’s terms as ridiculously demanding. They just proved with Guardians of the Galaxy that they could have a big hit on an unknown property, and audiences are willing to give an unknown the benefit due to the Marvel brand.

One thing going for Gibson is his directing abilities as a storyteller. The combination of Downey and Gibson could be epic if given a chance. It’s also been nearly eight years since Gibson comments went public, if Marvel rolled the dice on Downey and gained major success, then is Gibson’s talents alone worth a roll? We’ll know soon just how much power and influence RDJ has when negotiations pick up again for Iron Man 4. And trust me, Marvel Studios would love an Iron Man 4 after the previous installment grossed over $1 billion.

Movie Talkers would you like to see Mel Gibson directing a Marvel movie? What do you think would have to happen for this to happen? Talk movies with us in the comments below!

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