Inside Out trailer – Pixar reminds us all who they are


To many people Toy Story 3 is considered to be Pixar’s last great hit. While the films that followed (Brave, Monsters University, and I guess Cars 2) are certainly good animation films on their own terms; Pixar has yet to once again deliver that huge hit like they did so often in the mid 00’s. While Pixar seemed to be going on a downward trend other studios have stepped their game up with films like Despicable Me (2), How to Train You Dragon (2), and The Lego Movie. Well it seems the Disney owned studio has answered the call, and delivered a well put together teaser trailer for Inside Out.

So with Inside Out being about a young girl and all the emotions living inside her in the form of characters (Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust, and fear); Pixar reminds us of all those emotions we felt while watching the movies they’ve given us in the past. It’s a brilliant idea for two reasons. One it reminds us all of the emotions we felt through their movies, and two because the emotions are the character names.

Inside Out

The teaser trailer gives us an introduction into this new Pixar created world, which is all that is needed for a teaser trailer when considering the Pixar brand name still being strong. As more trailers come along, we’ll begin to learn more about these characters.

Inside Out opens in theaters on June 19, 2015. What do you think of the trailer Movie Talkers? Pixar back on top?

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