Could Ethan Hawke Be Marvel's Stephen Strange? I Sure Hope So!

Ethan HawkeThe last we heard anything on Marvel’s newest addition to the MCU, Doctor Strange, it was back in late August when Joaquin Phoenix’ name was consistently being thrown around. An official announcement on any casting has yet to be made, so all we can do it wait, and wait, and wait. Now a new name is floating around, a name who could be the best yet to be rumored, a name who could make a hell of a lot of people happy.

Ethan Hawke is one of the few A-list actors these days. The guy is so damn versatile and extremely, extremely talented. He was last seen in the monumental milestone that was filmed over a 12 year span, Boyhood. But, he was also the star of Doctor Strange Director Scott Derrickson’s 2012 horror hit Sinister. On top of that, he has that wide-range ‘gravitas’ needed to play a character like Stephen Strange, otherwise known as the supreme sorcerer Doctor Strange. Making him almost a completely perfect match for the character, the director and his vision, as well as adding to the fantastic names the Marvel Cinematic Universe already has.

Doctor Strange

But the big question is if this is real or not, is it? The news broke from This Is Infamous, which isn’t a well known site for news like this, but whoever wrote it seems very confident:

“Ethan Hawke is their new guy, having offered him the role on Friday. I hear Hawke accepted the job over the weekend, and things have quickly progressed into contract talks, with a six-picture deal being what Marvel is hoping to lock him into.”

If this all ends up being true, this is one damn good casting by Marvel. Hawke has a great relationship and is comfortable with the director, and like I said above, the guy can do anything. He has always been one to take chances with roles and if anything, this is for sure the role he can do that with. Plus, it would just be freaking awesome to see him become this fan favorite character for the MCU, which already has a lot of people excited (without a name attached).

Whether it’s Ethan Hawke, Joaquin Phoenix, or some other name, Doctor Strange is set to start shooting early next year for a summer 2016 release date. What would you think of Ethan Hawke becoming the supreme sorcerer? If not him, who else comes to mind?

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