‘The Equalizer’ Review

One of the best things about being a movie fan, and going to the movies in general, is seeing a film that you weren’t really looking forward to and have it end up BLOWING YOUR MIND because you liked it so much.  That is exactly what ‘The Equalizer’ did to me.

I sort of spoiled what I thought about the movie too soon but my excitement is too great to not let you all know what I thought right away.  When I say that I wasn’t looking forward to this film, it doesn’t mean I didn’t think it could be good.  I love Denzel (who doesn’t?) and the director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) had my trust prior to this film.  I just thought it was going to be another throw away action flick, with an aging star, that had a few good action sequences. Well, I’ll tell you guys right now, I was wrong.  This movie was incredible and has subtly made it’s way into my top ten movies of the year so far.


  1. The script: A lot of times, the problems I have with a movie is the script. Even in films that I think are really good tend to have poor writing and it just seems as if they writers were lazy in putting it together.  With ‘The Equalizer’, written by Richard Wenk, I did not find one dull moment in the script and everything made sense and connected together.  Props to you Wenk!
  2. The action scenes: I have not seen action scenes done this well since ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ form earlier this year. While they are two different types of actions sequences, the quality of them are just amazing.  ‘The Equalizer’ a bit more violent and gory though, which I loved.
  3. Character’s (screen time):  One thing I worried about going into the movie was that we would see too much of Chloe Grace Moretz’s character, with Denzel running around the town with her trying to keep her safe from bad guys.  Without giving away spoilers, I just want to say she’s only in about 30 minutes of it and it’s a two hour plus film.  Also, we get a lot of Denzel’s character and some information on his background, making him more dimensional than I thought he would be.  Another positive character was the villain, who I thought was very well portrayed and they gave his character a strong motive and will to do what he was doing.


  1.  Slow pace:  Although I thought the movie was very good and kept me entertained most of the way through, I still think it slowed down way too much in the middle.  I understand they were trying to give us more depth in the story and the characters but I believe there is about 20 minutes that they could have cut out of the film to make it flow better and keep the pace up.
  2. Plot hole:  There was one plot hole in the movie that had me wondering the whole time and actually made no sense when you actually think about it.  I don’t want to give it away but there is a plot hole involving Moretz’s character (let us know if you catch it).
  3. Bad shooters:  Like every action flick, there were a bunch of bullets flying around everywhere and most of the time no one dies or even gets hit.  This is not just a problem for this film, it happens so much in Hollywood and some film maker needs to figure out how to make these situations more realistic because there is no threat if you know nobodies going to get hit by the hundreds of bullets flying in the air.

Overall, I really like ‘The Equalizer’ and out of the thirty-or-so films that I’ve seen this year it’s found a place in my top ten.  But I’m sure it will fall out as there are so many potentially great movies coming out this year.  I give ‘The Equalizer’ an 8/10.  What about you guys? Have you seen ‘The Equalizer’? If so, what did you think?  Express your thoughts!

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