Batman V Superman – More hints regarding Aquaman appearance

Those of you who have been following the updates on Batman V Superman surely have heard the many rumors and hints regarding Jason Mamoa appearing as Aquaman in the event film. The most recent hint came from Director Zack Snyder himself, who appeared at a local Detroit radio station to defend the character from unfair negative criticism that its received from the public. Snyder didn’t confirm that the character would appear in BvS, but did go out of his way to at least ensure fans that this version of Aquaman would be awesome.

It’s pretty much a given that Jason Mamoa will become Aquaman, I’d be shocked if he didn’t end up getting the role. While we wait around for a confirmation for confirmation from the studio or Snyder himself, we have yet another hint that points towards this casting. The latest hint coming from Jeff Sneider (The Wrap) during his recent visit to the Toronto International Film Festival.

“I was sitting behind a table of older gentlemen, one of whom was talking about working with Zack Snyder on Batman V Superman… They were talking about Aquaman, how he’s going to be this buff Hawaiian guy covered in tribal tattoos and stuff.”


Hmm… well as a sort of buff Pacific Islander myself with tribal tattoos, I surely haven’t gotten a call from Snyder and co. In the film industry there is only two men who best fit that description. The first is Dwayne Johnson, who recently revealed that he will be playing the Black Adam character. The other man would be Jason Mamoa who is of Polynesian descent and does have tribal tattoos. So that solves it then, the re-imagined Aquaman for this DC Universe will be a buff Hawaiian who probably won’t be wearing tribal tattoos when on screen. To be honest, when I think of a modern day superhero who rules the sea, I think of a muscled pacific islander. Mamoa would be the perfect casting. Of course nothing is confirmed until the studio confirms it themselves.

Furthermore, Sneider got word of just how Aquaman ties in with the DC Universe, going back to a certain scene in Man of Steel. 

“They said that what we didn’t know in Man of Steel – although I think it’s been widely speculated – is that Aquaman saved Superman’s life when he fell into the ocean… I heard that those whales that we apparently see in Man of Steel… saved him. And that they saved him at the behest of Aquaman, who can communicate with the animals of the sea. So it’s not as if Aquaman physically lifted him up or whatever.”


Honestly, I’m going to have to re-watch that scene in Man of Steel, because I didn’t catch that small Easter Egg. Though when looking at pictures online, it totally makes sense. I’m going to call it brilliant on Snyder’s part for leaving the littlest hints for the future. What do you think Movie Talkers, does this further confirm Jason Mamoa’s involvement as Aquaman? If so, how do you feel about the casting? 

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to hit theaters on March 25th, 2016

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