Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher Sequel will Change Directors


I feel like Jack Reacher is one of those good Tom Cruise films that not a lot of people watched. The 2012 action film, which also starred Rosamund Pike, Jai Courtney, and Robert Duvall grossed over $200 million worldwide on a $60 million budget. Now that the sequel is deep into pre production, with a screenplay nearly finished, more details on the filmmakers involved has been revealed.

Oscar-winning writer/director Christopher McQuarrie who co-wrote and directed Jack Reacher will not be able to return to helm the sequel. As much as Paramount would love the director back, McQuarrie is currently committed to Mission: Impossible 5 which just began filming. Furthermore, details on the plot have been hinted after author/creator of the Jack Reacher books Lee Child revealed to Empire that the film will be off the 18th book in the series “Never Go Back“.

The story has Jack Reacher (Cruise) traveling to Virginia to meet a female military police officer named Major Susan Turner who he has been romantically involved with. Upon his arrival, Jack is arrested for a false crime and learns that Susan is in trouble, along with others. The report also mentions that the MP may be featured as a female sidekick for Jack.


It’s a shame that Director McQuarrie is unable to return. I really enjoyed what he did with Cruise on the first Jack Reacher. That film gave another great performance from the veteran action star, and featured some sweet action sequences that you’d expect from a Jack Reacher played by Tom Cruise. Production on the sequel is expected to begin in 2015, for an unknown release date the following year.

Any Movie Talkers who have seen the first Jack Reacher, share your thoughts on the film with us!

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