'Deadpool' Officially Announced!

We have known for a very long time now that 20th Century Fox has been try gin forever to get a movie going about one of their fan favorite characters Deadpool. Around SDCC this year, test footage of a possible movie was supposedly ‘leaked’ online, later being released in HD. That led many to believe that Fox may be up to something and they wanted to see what the reaction would be to that test footage. Well, it was overwhelmingly positive by everyone, leading Fox to finally give us their answer!

Rejoice fans, a movie on our favorite ‘merc with a mouth’ is officially on its way! 20th Century Fox took to their twitter page earlier today to announce the movie and an official release date along with it.

Check it out:

This is some of the best news to come from Fox, ever. Deadpool is an all time favorite character from almost everyone, making him a character that needs to be put on the big screen.

The fact that the test footage released (with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool) had some of the best reactions to it, it makes complete sense to move along with it. Plus, the incredible success that X-Men: Days of Future Past had earlier this year does say that this universe and the mutants along with it is still wanting to be seen by a crap load of people.

Tim Miller, a visual effects specialist who worked on multiple X-Men movies, is reportedly signed on to direct the project. It is also believed and highly expected that Ryan Reynolds will be reprising his role (from that terrible X-Men: Origins character) as Wade Wilson, which everyone wants. Not only is he by far the best choice for the character, but he voiced that test footage for Fox, only adding to the evidence that it can only be him as Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds in 'X-Men Origins'

There is no doubt that there will be more on this in the coming days! It’s set for a 2016 release date, meaning the project will need to be going into production here pretty soon. So stay close for more on Deadpool!

Deadpool has a release date set for February 12th, 2016. Directed by Tim Miller with Ryan Reynolds expected to be back as Wade Wilson/Deadpool.

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