Batman V Superman – Zack Snyder counters fan’s set photo of Bat-mobile with an official photo

Warner Bros. Pictures Panel And Presentation - Comic-Con International 2014

Gotta love Zack Snyder for his involvement with the fans concerning Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Whether it’s going to Comic Con and teasing fans with footage that he knows will rock our world, or going to a local radio station and defending a character (Aquaman) that will be featured in the universe he’s attempting to establish. In this case,  there were photos taken on the set showing the bat-mobile that will be featured in Batman V Superman, by a reader over at Ain’t it Cool News and an Instagram user.

BMobile 1

Bmobile 2

I gotta give props for those responsible for these nicely taken shots. It looks like the Caped Crusader will be cruising around Gotham in a much lighter color than his usual black. Either that or this Bat-mobile just went through some heavy action.

The photos above were discover by Warner Bros, who can’t seem to keep anything from leaking these days, going all the way back to the leaked Comic Con footage. Of course when Warner Bros. finds out; Zack Snyder finds out, and it’s safe to assume he wasn’t impressed with the photos. So the Director took to his twitter account, giving fans a real picture of the Bat-mobile.


Oh I gotta get me one of those

As I stated before, the best thing about this version is it feels like mix of the old with the new. A bit of Tim Burton’s and a bit of Christopher Nolan’s version, with a splash of Zack Snyder.  This image gives us some new details of the front. Most notably the width of the vehicle and the rotating guns in the front. I think this is a perfect design for a Snyder version Bat-mobile, one controlled by a Dark Knight that will be much older and brawny than previous versions we’ve seen.

What do you think of this new photo Movie Talkers?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on March 25, 2016.

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