Marvel & Spider-Man

What’s Next for Robert Downey Jr & Marvel After ‘Avengers 3’?

Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3

There’s no denying that Robert Downey Jr is a big reason (not the biggest) why Marvel is so successful today with their films. The Iron Man movies altogether have made over $2.4 billion dollars at the Box Office worldwide. However, that success came at a cost with Marvel Studios.

Downey had completed his original four picture deal with Iron Man 3. While the studio now signs their actors to long term deals, back when the first Iron Man was in pre production they saw the casting of Downey as a risk . Six years later, when Marvel and the actor entered negotiations to extend his contract, the ball was clearly in Downey’s court. Considering his $50 million payday for Avengers, Marvel must have paid a heavy price for his two film extension (Avengers 2 & 3).

Avengers: Age of Ultron is less than a year away, and while it’s safe to assume that Tony Stark will appear in Avengers 3 (considering the two picture deal), fans are still wondering about an Iron Man 4 happening. As you may know, RDJ gave a pretty straight forward answer saying “there are no plans for an Iron Man 4“. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be another Iron Man solo film starring RDJ. If he had simply said “I’m done with the Iron Man character after Avengers 3“, then we would obviously be having a different discussion.

I feel like RDJ is very passionate about the character, and has a lot of fun playing the character. Theoretically speaking at age 47 he could be Tony Stark for another 10 years, which is what I’m hoping for. Audiences love the Iron Man character because of Robert Downey Jr. There are several scenarios that can play out between Marvel and the actor concerning the Tony Stark character.

  • Robert Downey Jr calls it quits and Marvel recasts the character down the road (James Bond style).
  • Marvel finds a way to extend his contract and Downey is a go for Iron Man 4, 5, 6 or an Avengers 4.
  • Marvel kills off RDJ as Tony Stark, making it one of the most emotional deaths in cinematic history.
  • Colonel James Rhody as War Machine takes his place on the Avengers squad.

Marvel has their own way doing things and part of that is giving fans the unexpected (Guardians of the Galaxy). What may seem like a logical choice might be the furthest choice from consideration. Guess we’ll have to wait and see this play out.


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