5 Favorites: Characters from the Sin City Films


While Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City films had so much potential to tell more stories and be a lot more successful, it’s safe to say we seen the last of these movies for at least awhile. The first Sin City introduced us to these characters surviving in this world of violence and corruption. What made these characters work so well on screen was the actors portraying them and understanding of Rodriguez’s vision for this comic book property.

Maybe down the road a reboot can happen, after all we are seeing a ridiculous amount of old films getting the reboot treatment today. I looked down the long list of characters in the Sin City films and choose my five favorites to share with you.

Detective John Hartigan (Bruce Willis)


An old man dies. A young woman lives. A fair trade. I love you, Nancy.

Bruce Willis plays a cop so well, hell he was known for his Die Hard films, but in Sin City he plays a different kind of cop. Hartigan is old fashion, selfless, pushing 60 years old, and always dresses professionally. I expect a lot from a talent like Willis and in this film he did not disappoint. I was hoping that he would reprise his role for a story set before That Yellow Bastard, which was the story in the first film.

Jackie Boy (Benicio Del Toro)


Iron Jack Rafferty is a celebrated cop in Basin City, who ends up corrupt after years in the force. The Jack Rafferty aka Jackie Boy that we see in the first Sin City is one who has hit rock bottom. When I first watched Sin City, it was before I really got familiar with Del Toro’s work. His filthy ways and creepiness stood out to me, especially that car scene where he talks with his partially severed neck. Credit to Quentin Tarantino for directing that scene.

Ava Lord (Eva Green)


What makes her so dangerous is knowing just how alluring men find her. She knows this and uses it to get what she desires, and a lot of the times she gets it. Does this make her a whore or a selfish intelligent woman? I think is the latter of the two. Eva Green was a great cast for the role, having proved in another Frank Miller adaptation earlier this year that she can play the seductive villain.

Dwight McCarthy (Clive Owen/Josh Brolin)


 You made a big mistake yourself… you didn’t flush.

Shellie’s new boyfriend Dwight is definitely crazy as hell, daring her to let her ex and his gang in from outside her door. Then he has a chat with Jackie Boy who just too a leak and dunks his head in the toilet bowl. Clive Owen was just awesome as Dwight, making a statement early. His brilliant plan in taking out an entire Manute and his entire crew in a small alley was one of the better parts of the film.

Miho (Devon Aoki/Jamie Chung)


Deadly little Miho. What I like about her is that she’s all walk, no talk. The sword for the girls of Old Town, if you’re a threat and have a means to harm, she will kill you swiftly. When you try and kill her, she’ll turn the tables and gain the advantage without you even knowing it. Devon Aoki was definitely missed as Miho in A Dame To Kill For. On a side note, I didn’t know she is the sister of DJ Steve Aoki.

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