TV Talk- New Segment at Movie Talk Express

With a plethora of new shows either debuting or beginning new seasons this fall, we have decided to begin covering some of our favorite TV shows here at Movie Talk Express.  Movies are still our primary focus but a lot of people interested in film are also equally interested in television.  While it is impossible to cover every TV show airing, we have selected a few that we will definitely be covering all season and we will keep up to date with current television news, casting, and other aspects of the television world as well.

Here are a few shows that we will definitely be covering but keep in mind that as the season goes on we will be making adjustments such as covering more shows or stop covering certain ones as well, depending on the the overall quality of the show.

Gotham (FOX)- Season 1

Gotham will display the origin of the popular crime town before Bruce Wayne ever became Batman.  It will primarily focus on James Gordon and his early days as a cop in Gotham which eventually leads to him becoming Batman’s most trusted ally.  You can bet that we will be watching this show and bringing you the latest reviews and news. Gotham premiers on September 22 on Fox.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield (ABC)- Season 2


Though season one took time to find it’s footing the show really began to pick near the end of the season.  With the events Captain America: The Winter Soldier you can expect things to be shaken up in the Marvel Universe, especially among Shield and Colson’s team.  We will be covering Marvel’s Agents of Shield all season long and hope you guys can do the same.  The second season premiers on ABC September 23.

Arrow (CW)- Season 3

arrow image 1

Arrow is without a doubt one of my favorite series running on television and it just keeps getting better.  You can expect plenty of content from this show.  Arrow season 3 debuts on Wednesday October 8 on The CW network.

The Flash (CW)- Season 1

Those of you who watch Arrow know that The Flash is a spin-off show of Arrow, covering the origins of the scarlet speedster.  Arrow and The Flash will play on a day after each other during the fall television season and will take place in the same universe.  Occasionally there will be characters crossing over from each TV show which should give us plenty to talk about.  The Flash pilot episode will debut a day before Arrow on Tuesday October 7 on CW as well.

sources: comingsoon.net, youtube.com

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