Sir Richard Attenborough passes at age 90

John Ham

Welcome to Jurassic Park.

For me, I only knew Sir Richard Attenborough as John Hammond from Jurassic Park. As ashamed as I feel for that, I’m happy that I at least have something to remember him by. I was looking at this guy’s movie career and it goes way beyond Jurassic Park. A lot of his movies were before my time, going all the way back to the early 40’s. That’s quite a career for a gentleman who I only know for one film. But for now, I just want to talk about Jurassic Park, a film in which he played a creator of the theme park for Dinosaurs.

The film took audiences and introduced them to a world that does not exist today, where these gigantic prehistoric creatures walked around freely. John Hammond was our tour guide in this world and he made this experience fun, even with all the potential danger surrounding it. As a young adult today, I saw Jurassic Park on VHS as a kid, and the memories of the John Hammond character was a loving elderly man with a warm heart, who wanted to make dinosaurs fun for all ages (watch below). The credit for creating such an amazing character all goes to Sir Richard Attenborough. 


Richard Attenborough notable work.

  • He directed Gandhi in 1982. The film went on to earn 8 Oscar nominations and won for Best Picture and Best Director.
  • Praised for his film version of the musical A Chorus Line.
  • He was was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1967.
  • Received a Knighthood in 1976.

Congrats on the long and successful life Sir Richard Attenborough

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