Female Expendables project loses a BIG name


I consider The Expendables 3 to be a nail in the coffin for the franchise. What I mean by that is if there was any chance of the studio funding another installment or spin off, it’s pretty much gone after the latest film’s underwhelming box office numbers. Now that’s not to say Sylvester Stallone won’t put up the money for another film, if he chooses so. One of those potential films is the much talked about all female cast The Expendabelles

The idea for an all female action team up Expendables style had been something Stallone had talked about doing. The plan was to have The Expendabelles start shooting sometime early next year for a late 2015 release. Obviously, that was before the numbers for The Expendables 3. Though the project is currently in a bit of a limbo, one actress has come out and declined to join the project.


Alien franchise star and actress in the upcoming Avatar sequels Sigourney Weaver opted to not join the project. Her role in the spin off was described as being Stallone’s ex wife, who I assume is gonna play the same role as the Barney character, as the team leader. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sigourney Weaver will instead do a film with Liam Neeson titled A Monster Calls

There is no specification is to why the actress turned down any chance of joining The Expendabelles. It’s not a far stretch to assume that the result of the first three Expendables movies probably discouraged her from joining the franchise. After all, there hasn’t been one film that has truly nailed what the Expendables movies are trying to be. No indication if the franchise will get another chance. Though Robert Luketic is still attached as the director for The Expendabelles.

Should this spin off happen who do you think is a worthy replacement to lead the all female team?

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