Batman V Superman – Answering for destruction of Metropolis (Plot Details)


The final battle between Kal-El and General Zod in Man of Steel was controversial for two main reasons. The first reason and probably the most talked about one between comic book and non comic book fans was Kal-El snapping Zod’s neck and killing him. Now if you’re asking me, I have no problem with that because he really had no choice and the consequences of Kal-El doing that will add conflict to the story moving forward. The second reason is the destruction of Metropolis which was caused by the two characters punching and throwing (and lasering) each other through buildings and destroying everything that came between them. Not to mention the destruction around the world caused by the World Engine.

I can’t imagine citizens of Metropolis not being upset about losing their homes and businesses. Learning that people in their city had lost their loved ones during this battle. The Government having to step in to try and fund millions if not billions of dollars to repair damages that were caused by two beings that aren’t even from Earth. Naturally, humans need to point their finger for someone repsonsible for all this. Looks like Superman will have to answer for his crime in saving the world.

Potential spoilers lie ahead after the picture, not enough in my opinion to spoil the movie for you (trust me). So if you don’t want to know anymore than you may already know, skip ahead. 


Batman V Superman will feature a major important scene that involves Superman and the U.S. Capitol building. At the doorsteps of the U.S. Government, Superman will answer for the destruction caused at Metropolis. Half of the country’s citizens blame the superhero for all the deaths and destruction caused by the Kryptonians and their technology. Their reasoning is that if Superman hadn’t come to Earth, then General Zod and his warriors wouldn’t have come looking for them.

The citizens have a point, but they should also consider it’s not like (as a baby) Kal-El himself decided to go to Earth, his parents did. This inside scoop (from Batman News) also confirms that Batman V Superman will have a strong Anti- Superman vibe. Maybe the beginning of the film will see Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne and Jessie Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor coming together as heroes in the public’s eye. The two being Billionaires means they more than likely will contribute financially towards the rebuilding of Metropolis.

Fan Art

Fan Art

What do you make of this news Movie Talkers? Let us know. Batman V Superman will release in theaters on March 25, 2016

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