Power Rangers Gets A Release Date, But can it do well financially and critically?


Last week it was announced that the Power Rangers reboot indeed has a release date and will hit theaters on July 22, 2016.

There are different opinions as to why or why not they should even attempt to make this film but regardless of positive or negative reaction to the reboot, Lionsgate and Saban are moving forward with the popular children’s franchise.

As a HUGE fan of the television series growing up I am both very excited and very nervous to see what the end product will be.  On one hand this movie could be horrible and forever bury the franchise which would probably never see theaters again.  On the other hand, if Lionsgate can pull off something similar to their Hunger Games and Divergent properties, they could have another successful young adult franchise on their hands.  If so then the Power Rangers franchise could stick around (cinematic universe style) for a while.  That is a big IF though and no one would rather have this franchise succeed more than myself.  So without considering the negatives I want people to take a look at a few reasons why this movie could be good and change the public perception of “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”.  

  • Studios are beginning to understand that you can’t make a cheesy, plotless, over-the-top blockbuster anymore and hopefully that is applied to Power Rangers.  In order to capitalize on the potential financial success of this film, Lionsgate needs to apply a more serious tone (with added comedic elements) and expose that in the marketing campaign once they begin dropping photos and trailers.  This shouldn’t be a problem since Lionsgate is responsible for the Hunger Games franchise which essentially is a similar target audience.
  • If they steer away from the overly colorful uniforms they could be more accepted by a wider audience.  Although the signature outfits of the Power Rangers are part of their history and they are most recognizable in them, it is just too silly of an image if this reboot wants to be taken seriously.  They can still apply the different colors to the different teens in order to differentiate between them but keep it to a minimum.  For example all black with the colored trim or all grey with colored trim etc.
  • Make Zordon and Alpha real people, at least to begin with.  It would be really goofy to have a floating head and a genius robot (at least the versions from the show and movies)  as the Power Rangers’ mentors and commanders.  If they could some how humanize both  of those characters then more people could relate and again they will be taken a lot more seriously.
  • They need to use the “Megazords” to their advantage considering giant robots and monsters fighting is a hot trend right now (like Pacific Rim, Transformers or Godzilla).  All of these movie made tons of money and if they can use the “Megazords” in the marketing then they could draw a big audience on that alone.
  • The producers and writers on the film must execute correctly and put together the right team of directors, actors etc. in order to succeed.  Everything so far is looking like they’re going in the right direction.  Roberto Orci is the leading man (production wise) in this whole thing and I am happy that it is in his hands.  Although he was part of The Amazing Spider Man 2 writing team, you can’t say that it is his fault the movie wasn’t up to par.  He’s also been a huge part in the Star Trek rebooted franchise as he wrote the first two installments and is going on to direct the third.  The writing team on Power Rangers is the same individuals who wrote the X-Men: First Class script which is a movie that is widely recognized as a great film and did well financially.

Everything is looking up from here and I see no reason to complain or be worried about this franchise.  Although I am worried myself because I don’t want to see a bad film come from all of this which would ultimately kill the franchise’s cinematic chances in the future.  What do you say movie fans?  Are you excited for the Power Rangers reboot or do you think it’s a dumb idea?  Express your thoughts in the comment section!

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