5 Favorites: Robin Williams Performances

I see Robin Williams as a talent that comes around once every century. Make no mistake there is only one Robin Williams. The man was truly exceptional at bringing us smiles of happiness and tears of joy with his god given talent. In honor of his life that was dedicated towards entertaining audiences everywhere, I want to share my five favorite performances from him. Now before I list off the performances, these are my favorites which will certainly differ from yours. That said, here’s my list of favorites from Robin Williams.



I was watching some behind the scenes videos of Williams doing voice recordings in the sound booth. He gave the artists for the Genie character way more than they expected, which they saw as a great thing. They said every time he started his lines, his energy would rise and rise. Clearly as the viewers we can see what they mean when watching The Genie character. Williams owned it and made it his.

Bicentennial Man


Critics will say what they want about this movie, but I love Robin Williams in this. As a robot named Andrew, Williams made that character soft with a warm heart. I first saw this movie as a kid and seeing how he treated and bonded with the girl from the Pepsi commercials (above), made me want to have a robot like him around. Even just having conversations with Sam Neil during the night time I thought was cool.

Good Morning Vietnam


Goooooooood Morning Vietnam! Boy did Robin Williams bring it as the real life radio DJ during the Vietnam war or what? If I’m not mistaken this was his breakout role, one that was definitely worthy of an Oscar nomination. What made his performance even better for me was the fact that his character was purely entertaining soldiers during a very very nasty war, one my Grandpa happen to served in. Out of all of Robin Williams movies, this is definitely Top 3.

Nine Months

Nine Months

Okay, so Robin Williams played a small role in this movie, but he added so much flare to an already good movie. Williams played the inexperienced replacement doctor for an already established and professional doctor, in charge of delivering the baby for Julianne Moore’s and Hugh Grant’s character. Nine Months is a romantic/comedy, and whenever Williams shows up it’s all just comedy.



I grew up in the 90’s, therefore there is no way I wasn’t gonna include Jumanji. The movie is about board game characters coming to life and the game itself dictates what will happen based on the players move. A kid gets trapped in a board game and 30 years or something later gets freed and out comes Robin Williams! This movie is everything a kid would love to see happen in real life with their favorite game. Robin Williams and company took us as kids on a fun adventure and we loved it.

My Honorable mention: Dead Poets Society. (If only there were more teachers like him)

Movie Talkers feel free to share your five favorite or even favorite Robin Williams performance. Don’t miss out on Aladdin being aired on Disney channel this weekend.

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