Latest Rumors For 'Batman V Superman' Include Lex Luthor & Kryptonite

Lexcorp in 'Batman V Superman'While images of the heavy hitters have been released for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we have yet to see or hear anything official on any other character. That includes Lex Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg, where we have heard rumors here an there, but nothing official. That might change with an interesting rumor floating around.

Before I get started I’d like to say that if these end up being true, then this is major major spoiler territory. If you don’t want to know specifics, you should stop reading now.

The original story comes from GeekTyrant, where according to them an extra from the film shared some info:

  • According to the extra, the ending of the film has already been filmed. One of the scenes shot featured Batman breaking into Lexcorp to steal kryptonite, and apparently Lexcorp had somehow gotten ahold of General Zod’s body.

Michael Shannon in 'Man of Steel'

Now that’s very interesting. Is General Zod’s body the key component to Luthor’s big plan to take down Superman? Badass Digest actually confirms this story and says both parts are true:

“I can confirm this. Lex has been gathering pieces and debris from the World Engine and he has used them to synthesize Kryptonite. Meanwhile he has also gotten ahold of Zod’s corpse, and it is the key to his master plan to defeat Superman. He uses that tissue to… well, that would be spoiling. But Superman hasn’t been defeated many times in the past. You can probably connect the dots from here.”

It seems like General Zod may not have just been a ‘one and done’, from the two sources above he might play a pivotal role in Dawn of Justice in Lex Luthor’s plan.

Another interesting thing is that Batman will be gathering Kryptonite, from Lexcorp. The rumor is that Lex will be creating the Kryptonite himself, after collecting pieces of the World Engine from Man of Steel. That makes a bit of sense since instead of us seeing Kryptonite in Man of Steel, it was the Kryptonian atmosphere that affected Superman.

Henry Cavill in 'Man of Steel'

Where and how does Lex come up with this idea in the first place? With all the reports revolving around the storyline, do you like the way Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is sounding so far? Comment below!

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